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NEWSLETTER No 99 November 2022

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Our AGM was held on 24th October 2022, for the first time for two years ‘face to face’ and the afternoon talks have resumed at Gardeners’ Hall. It does seem that we are more or less back to normal!

We now have a new President, Lt. General Philip Jones CB. CBE. DL. who has succeeded Sir James Perowne as Constable & Governor of Windsor Castle. We gave Sir James books (Henry Kissinger’s ‘Studies in Leadership’ and Harrison Ainsworth’s ‘Myths and Legends of Windsor’) and messages of thanks for his period as our President. We wish Sir James and Lady Perowne well in their retirement.

The AGM was held at The Old Court which seemed to work well, and this venue will be booked for next year. Our guest speaker was Sara Howells who talked about the history of the building and what The Old Court now offers to residents of Windsor and Eton. We are complementary to the Arts scene in Windsor, and we intend to pursue mutual interests where this is appropriate.

The Platinum Jubilee Year with its Facelift is nearing its end and the Jubilee Bench has been installed in the Heritage Garden with a stone path to allow access. The Society did suffer a reverse when Tivoli (the Royal Borough’s contractors) removed some of the planting around the period of the Queen’s Funeral. We are pursuing this issue. We are proposing to hold a further planting/gardening activity on 19th November and any help would be appreciated. Certificates have been issued to those taking part in the Facelift, but we still have the Prize Giving to arrange. The Society held a tea party at the Castle Hotel hosted by the Chair and Susie Garnier to thank all those who had taken part in the visiting of premises in the Conservation Area. We are very grateful to Sam Goss the manager of the Castle Hotel and his team for all the help we have been given during the Facelift.

The Society had a stall behind Daniel’s at the Community Showcase organised by the Windsor St George Rotary Club. This was a chance to meet residents and I am grateful to those who gave up their time to help. During the year The Society also has had a stall at the monthly Farmers’ Market in Bachelor’s Acre. These events enable The Society to advertise what it does to members of the public.

A number of members attended Rosemarie Wood’s Funeral. She was a stalwart of The Society and latterly organiser of the Summer visits to interesting venues that were so well organised. Personally, I can remember lively discussions with Rosemarie about the culpability of Richard III for the murder of the Princes in the Tower, about which we agreed to differ.

Anne Taylor has agreed to organise the visit to Leeds Castle which, because of Covid, had been put on hold for two years. We do now need both a Society Secretary and a Visits Organiser.  If anyone can help, please could they get in touch, and we can arrange to meet to discuss what needs to be done.


Rosemarie Wood

Rosemarie grew up in Central London. She had many happy memories of her childhood living in Buckingham Palace Mews. Her career began with 17 years at the Confederation of British Industry where she became Head of Membership Records and she also coordinated the computerisation of the CBI membership and Committee records. She then joined the Society of Chemical Industry where she rose to be the Member Services Manager. Together with her mother, she had moved to Windsor in the 1980s and she made close friends on her daily commute to London on the Greenline bus. When she took early retirement, in 2003, she took over as the Outings Organiser for The Windsor and Eton Society and what a fantastic job she did for over 20 years! A natural organiser, with close attention to detail, she led groups of members to many historic houses, gardens and ceremonies such as The Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. She would never arrange a trip unless she had visited the destination herself to see whether it was worth a visit. Many members have enjoyed her outings and would join with me in saying ‘Thank You Rosemarie’

…and just in case you have wondered, she would never arrange a visit to a National Trust property because many members of The W&ES are also members of The National Trust which would compromise payment for entry and they were more likely to have already made a visit.

She thought of everything.


The 76th AGM of The Society was held at The Old Court, St Leonard’s Rd, Windsor on Monday 24th October. Our new President, Lt. General Philip Jones, was introduced to members and then chaired the meeting. Details of the Trustees and Executive Committee for 2022/23 are listed later in this newsletter. After the business part of the meeting a talk on The Old Court was given by Sara Howells, following which members enjoyed drinks and nibbles and the opportunity to socialise.


As Christmas diaries are becoming full, our Music Event is now being scheduled for early in 2023 so look out for further information on this.


Although the Jubilee weekend is long past and, despite Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II being no longer with us, we remain in the Jubilee Year and your Facelift team is still working to deliver projects to celebrate the Queen’s long and glorious reign.

At the end of October the planned new seating area and Jubilee commemorative bench were installed in the Heritage Garden in Church Street. There was an unfortunate set back when the Borough contractors, in a mistaken attempt to “tidy up” before the Queen’s funeral, removed many of the plants which we had managed to nurture through the drought.  We are in discussion with the Borough about reparation for this loss. The new area which will be replanted, weather permitting, on 19th November will be a permanent legacy of The Society’s Windsor and Eton Facelift 2022. The seating area and replanted garden will, we hope, give pleasure to visitors and residents alike for many years to come. Once the garden is replanted it will, however, need to be maintained and we will be seeking to set up a regular garden team or “Friends of the Heritage Garden” to keep it looking good. Pictures of the new bench can be viewed in the Platinum Jubilee Facelift section on The Society’s website.

Meanwhile the judging of the Jubilee displays and the awarding and handing over of certificates has been proceeding. The team are now planning the award ceremony to present trophies to the overall winners in each category. An event to thank the Facelift “Ambassadors” was held in the Castle Hotel on the afternoon of 20th September and was well attended.  Photographs of the many  magnificent Jubilee window displays were exhibited at the event.

Thanks go to Alison Logan, Secretary of the Facelift Steering Group for this report


Platinum Jubilee Facelift.
The Platinum Jubilee committee continue to meet to complete the work that has been undertaken to mark this Platinum Jubilee Year. The judging of the shop windows has been completed, and Certificates have been awarded. The judging of the flower displays and building works is ongoing. There has been more work undertaken on the Heritage Garden where the new hard standing and Platinum Jubilee bench have been installed. More planting is proposed in November around the bench area.

Quarterly Meetings with the Borough to be reinstated
These meetings were stopped due to the pandemic and following the meeting in July with Cllr Johnson and Cllr Rayner these meetings are finally going to be reinstated, beginning in November. The HEC have a long list of items that need discussing at the meeting including, planning, heritage and conservation in the town, Windsor Yards, The Guildhall and The Vision for Windsor

Tall Buildings Consultation
Members of the HEC met and went through the relevant documents which identified inconsistencies and issues in the SPD Consultation Draft. They formulated a letter clearly labelling the paragraphs of concern and this was then submitted to RBWM. We hope that the final document will be corrected appropriately. 

Vision for Windsor Workshop
Margaret Lenton and Theresa Haggart were invited to the 2-day Workshops for this project. This is an important project that will have a direct impact on the development of the centre of Windsor into the future. Discussions were based on how to develop Alexandra Gardens car park, not the park itself. It could also include the coach park and nearby areas. We stressed the need to conserve the heritage of the town and how this is important to all who live and work in Windsor. 

No plans were agreed at the event and residents have been asked to participate in the process. Proposals should be announced in the New Year well before any decisions are made.

Planning Applications

Letters written after the October Meeting

Highways Land adjacent to 15 Franklyn Crescent, Windsor – 1 new dwelling and dropped kerb (PA 22/02167)
Such building would be cramped and out of keeping, and built on highways land.

27 Bulkeley Avenue, Windsor, SL4 3LY – part single/part two storey front, side and rear extension, relocation of front entrance door and alterations to external finishes and fenestration (PA 22/02387 FULL)
Plans discussed and elevations felt to be totally out of keeping.

28 Alexandra Road, Windsor, SL4 1HR – 2 new rear dormers and 3 front rooflights (PA 22/02484 FULL)
Plans inspected – It would appear to have too many front roof lights for the area.      


Letters written after the September Meeting 

43 Alma Road, Windsor, SL4 3HN – new front bay window with lightwell, single storey rear extension with lightwell and removal of side lightwell to basement level, new front entrance steps and entrance canopy, 1 side and 1 rear dormer and alterations to fenestration (PA 22/02190/FULL)
These plans were inspected, and it was agreed it was over-development of the site plus the windows were different from the plans.
Permitted with many conditions

38 Alma Road, Windsor, SL4 3HJ – single storey rear extension, 1 side and 1 rear dormer and alterations to fenestration (PA 22/02024/FULL)
It was agreed it was a pity the chimney and feature bay windows would be gone.

110 Tinkers Lane, Windsor, SL4 4LP – subdivision of the existing dwelling to create 2 dwellings, single storey side/rear extension, new outbuilding and alterations to fenestration (PA 22/01894/FULL)
A letter was written requesting that ‘Permitted Development Rights be removed to ensure that there could be no further extensions to these buildings without full Planning Permission.

1 Gwynne Close, SL4 5PY   – single storey front/side extension, 1 new shed, new hardstanding, 2 new dropped kerbs, new boundary treatments and alterations to fenestration, following demolition of existing elements (PA  22/02070/FULL)
Plans inspected and a letter of objection was sent due to lack of garden, windows not matching and incongruous design and overdevelopment of the site.   

Letters written after the August Meeting

Land at 48 Bulkeley Avenue, Windsor – prior notification for 1 new dwelling house on terrace buildings in use as dwelling houses (PA 22/01629 Pt 20 Class AC – new dwelling houses proposal)
It was agreed to draft a letter of objection as it would be cramped and an over development of the site.
Prior approval required and was refused

Black Sheep Coffee, 137 Peascod Street, Windsor, SL4 1DS – consent to display 1 non-illuminated fascia sign and 1 non- illuminated projecting sign (PA 22/01949 -Advertisement Proposal)
The applicant had carried out all the points raised in our last objection letter but we did not mention the fascia which is now an issue as a smooth wood would be preferable.

Laura Ashley, 99-100 Peascod Street, Windsor, SL4 1DH – consent to display 2 externally illuminated fascia signs and 1 externally illuminated projecting sign (PA 22/01694 – Advertisement Proposal)

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Unit 60 & 61 Windsor Royal Station, Jubilee Arch, Windsor, SL4 1PJ – consent to display 4 internally illuminated fascia signs, 1 externally illuminated projecting sign and 2 non-illuminated banner signs (PA 22/01953 Advertisement Proposal)
It was believed that this was in the strictly controlled area of the station so letter of objection sent. 

58 Gallys Road, Windsor, SL4 5RA – replacement dwelling with 1 rear outbuilding (PA 22/01867 FULL)
Letter sent regarding a condition on the need to ask that the Permitted Development rights to extend are removed otherwise the owners could extend again

Updates to Planning Applications mentioned in previous newsletters.


Letters written after the July Meeting
Santander, 97 Peascod Street, Windsor consent to display 1 non-illuminated awning, internally illuminated fascia sign and 1 non-illuminated projecting sign / new shop front, awning and signage  (PA 22/01562/22/01561)  

Jones Bootmakers, 133 Peascod Street, Windsor, SL4 1DW consent to display 1 internally illuminated projecting sign to the front elevation and internally illuminated fascia signs to the front and rear elevations / alterations to the shop front including new and replacement signage to the front and rear elevations and installation of rear wall-mounted air-conditioning units (PA 22/01536/ADV– 22/01535/FULL) 

Junction of Keppel Street and Sheet Street, Windsor – application for determination as to whether prior approval is required for a proposed 5G telecoms installation: H3G street pole further additional equipment cabinets and ancillary apparatus (PA 22/01594/TLDTT)  
Refused but there is an appeal

Mezze Grill Kitchen, 98 Peascod Street, Windsor – signage application (PA 22/01367/22/01375/22/01376)

Letters written after the June Meeting
Woods of Windsor Ltd, 50 High Street, SL4 1LR new signage and alterations to the shopfront (PA 22/01303/FULL- 22/01304/LBC) and consent for internal alterations to the basement and ground floors  (PA 22/01306)

Mercure Castle Hotel, 18 High Street, Windsor, SL4 1LJ – replacement of existing hotel name sign on the front facade with a new name sign (PA  22/01330/LBC)   We felt that the proposed black and white lettering was not appropriate 
Permitted after new plans were submitted

Letters written after the May Meeting
54-56, Kings Road, Windsor, SL4 2AH – new outbuilding attached to the existing garage with covered area, part single part two storey side/rear extension, 1 dormer to north west elevation and alterations to fenestration and external finishes following part demolition of the existing single storey side/rear element (PA 22/01057/FULL)  
This is a listed NDHA and therefore a Heritage Statement is required. 

40-40A Kings Road, Windsor – change of use from House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO Sui Generis) to 2 dwellings (Class C3) and 1 new door on the ground floor rear elevation. Permission had previously been given for 8 mini flats (PA 22/01146/FULL)
Concerns were raised as this was again a NDHA and that whilst it was not objected to in principle it was agreed to suggest the bins are moved to the back of the property and parking issues are addressed. 

Letter written after the April Meeting
Cedar Tree Guest House, 90 St Leonards Road, Windsor, SL4 3DA – change of use from C1 (Guest House) to C3 (Residential) to create 8 flats, single storey infill extension on the South elevation and 2 dormers on the South elevation (PA 22/00716/FULL)
This property is already a residence for homeless people. As this proposal comes from the RBWM Property Co. it was agreed to write to ensure that the Panel will make the decision.

Letter written after the January Meeting
Alfred Cottage, 286 Dedworth Road, Windsor, SL4 4JRsubdivision of the existing dwelling to create 2 dwellings to include relocation of the front door and two storey rear extensions, removal of existing chimneys, alteration to fenestration, allocated refuse and bicycle storage and alteration to existing vehicular access following demolition of existing elements (PA 21/03654)
This is a NDHA, a statement had not been submitted and there was concern that one chimney had already been removed. With the additional two dwellings on this site it was thought that the area was being over-developed and that the proposed works to this property would remove all redeeming features.  Objection letter sent. 
Still pending

Letter written after the July 2021 Meeting
Alexandra Gardens, Barry Avenue, WindsorObservation wheel and refreshment unit to be sited from 1st July to 30th September 2021 (PA 21/01599)
Letter sent as there did not appear to be enough detail of technical requirements and how long it would be on site.
Still Pending    


Our thanks go to Jonathan Palmer for all his work as our Secretary during the last 3 years. We are now looking for someone to take over the role, so if you feel that you can help us and would be willing to use some of your spare time to support The Society with its work, please get in touch with our Chair, Margaret Lenton. Contact details are at the bottom of this newsletter.


Our September talk was scheduled to take place on the evening that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died. This zoom talk by Alan Clare, A Night to Remember about the Highlands and Islands Air Ambulance was therefore postponed to a later date.

The October talk was our first meeting in Gardeners’ Hall since the pandemic. At last we were able to hear Leslie Grout’s twice postponed talk about the Paris Cemeteries. He explained how people had originally had to be persuaded to be buried in the new cemeteries, but after the re-interment of a few prominent people the practice of burial in these new cemeteries became generally accepted. Leslie ‘took’ us round the main cemeteries such as Montmartre and Père Lachaise showing us tombs of musicians, artists and writers. They are an amazing source of fascination and history and definitely worth a visit.

Our November talk, titled Old Oaks was very well attended and 52 people enjoyed hearing three speakers from the Crown Estate tell us about the ancient trees. Richard Everett (Head Forester), Arron Sanderson (Arboricultural Officer) and Des Sussex (Conservation Manager) told us about their work and the history of the forest, originally a royal hunting ground but developed through the planting of avenues by Charles II.  Some even older trees are still standing, several being named. We learned that care of the trees is very important including harvesting timber from healthy trees, checking for safety issues and making safe any fallen trees, thereby creating a valuable habitat. We also heard about the important function of various fungi found under the ground and on or around the trees and about some of the wildlife in the forest. Old aerial maps have also played a part in locating where trees had been lost, so that the programme of regeneration can fill in gaps.

Future Talks

  • Thursday 1st December – 3pm – Gardeners’ Hall  – The Royal Borough Ambassadors – Theresa Haggart, the Chair of our Heritage and Environment Committee and also a Windsor Ambassador, will talk on the work of the Ambassadors leading up to, and after, the funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II
  • Thursday 12th January 2023 – 3pm – Gardeners’ Hall  –  Clocks in Windsor Castle – a talk by Fjodo van de Brock
  • Thursday 2nd February – 3pm – Gardeners’ Hall – Once in a lifetime – planning the Jubilee Celebrations – a talk by Graham Barker, Chairman of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Steering Committee.



As you will have read, sadly Rosemarie Wood died recently after organising our outings for nearly twenty years.

Back in 2019 she had arranged a visit to Leeds Castle for June 2020 which could not take place because of Covid. It was also agreed that The Society would not organise any visits in 2021 or 2022

This visit to Leeds Castle has now been arranged for Thursday 15th June 2023.

On Wednesday 5th April 2023 there will be a visit to Kelmscott Manor which was the country home of William Morris, poet, craftsman and socialist, from 1871 until his death in 1896. Details and a booking form will be in the February newsletter.

Hopefully there will be details about an Autumn visit in that newsletter as well.

                                 — – – – AND LOOKING BACK

 “Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to – – – “

   Hever Castle,                               Restoration House and Rochester,                            Fishmongers Hall,

    Bletchley Park,                           Chencester and Chavenage House,                              Chiddingstone Castle,

  Strawberry Hill House,                        Audley End House,                                      Winchester and St Cross,             

   Parham House,                Sudeley Castle,                      Penshurst Place,                          Kenwood House,

Broughton Castle,                               Royal Hospital Chelsea,                                  Firle Place and Lewes,    

  Corsham Court and Almshouses,                       Sezincote House,                                 Hatfield House,      

Charleston House and Alfriston,                       Gilbert White’s House,                                          Bowood House,        

The Tower of London Ceremony of the Keys,             Wilton House,                                      Eltham Palace


Strawberry Hill House                     Winchester and St Cross

Chiddingston Castle

Fishmongers Hall


Chavanage House

Corsham Court & Almshouses

Broughton Castle

Penshurst Place

Royal Hospital Chelsea



We have 299 members, with the potential of 5 newcomers following our participation in the Community Showcase at Windsor Yards, on 1st October. The new figure reflects sadly the loss through death of a couple of members and through others moving away.   

Please let me know if you have friends who might like to join us –  they are only a click away from receiving an application form and a warm welcome! It is good to keep in touch with members by phone, letter and e-mail and hopefully this will continue. Please let me know if you have any queries on your membership.

Finally, annual subscriptions were due on 1st October. If you do not pay by Standing Order, and you have not yet made your payment, would you kindly send me a cheque made out to: The Windsor and Eton Society as soon as possible. Subscriptions are £10 individual membership or £15 joint membership for 2 people from the same household.

As you know, the Gift Aid Scheme provides valuable income for the Society and three quarters of our membership participate in this scheme. If you are a UK tax payer and have not yet made provision for us to claim tax relief on your subscription, please do contact me: Katie Broady, Membership Secretary, membership@wesoc.org.uk


Following the AGM, details of the President, Honorary Vice-President, Trustees, Executive Committee and Councillor Representatives of the Windsor and Eton Society for 2022-2023 are as follows:

PRESIDENT OF THE SOCIETY     Lt. General Philip Jones CB. CBE. DL.



Chair                           Mrs Margaret Lenton

Vice Chair                  Mr Chris Aitken

Secretary                   Vacant

Treasurer                   Mr Fred West

Ms Katie Broady (Membership)

Mr James Clark

Mrs Janet Dawson (Newsletter)

Mrs Theresa Haggart (Heritage and Environment)

Mrs Philippa Johnson (Talks)

Mr Malcolm Leach (Website)

Mrs Anne Taylor


Cllr John Bowden


Windsor Town Forum – The next 2 meetings are scheduled for Monday 16th January 2023 and Monday 20th March, both at 6.30pm. The meetings are scheduled as virtual online meetings but please check the RBWM website nearer the dates for confirmation. Minutes of previous meetings, the Agenda and dates of future meetings when available, can be accessed through the RBWM website http://www.rbwm.gov.uk

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