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NEWSLETTER No 98 August 2022

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Much of the last year has been taken up by the Jubilee Facelift. This all culminated in the weekend when the Queen’s 70 years on the throne was celebrated across the UK and in Windsor and Eton in particular.

Much effort has gone into making sure that the Heritage Garden in Church Steet, the River Street Garden and the Charles Knight Grave area in Bachelor’s Acre looked much better and in some cases they have been re-planted. Thank you to all those who took part, whether by gardening or organising. The challenge now is to ensure that plants are watered and that these areas are not allowed to deteriorate again.

Some of our activities have been accompanied by international interest. Work in the Heritage Garden was televised by Belgian and Swiss TV and radio. I did an interview with Croatian TV, who had been in Windsor previously for  the Royal Wedding in 2018.  The troops marching through to the Castle were the Ghurkhas, so I had to explain that they came from Nepal and the circumstances of them coming to serve in the British army.

The visits to businesses and private premises in the Windsor Conservation Area and Eton yielded results. Photographs have been taken of the improvements and judging will take place to decide awards, but the aim is to give out certificates to all those taking part.

We do have a legacy as Alison Logan produced a guide for businesses in the Conservation Area detailing what planning regulations applied, as we have concerns about the RBWM view of Heritage. We still have work to do as the Remembrance Garden in Bachelor’s Acre requires attention and some premises intending to redecorate were not able to complete before the official Jubilee weekend.

Sadly we are saying goodbye to our current President, Sir James Perowne who is leaving as Governor of the Castle. We are grateful for his support of The Society, and we wish Sir James and Lady Perowne a long and fulfilled retirement. We hope to welcome his successor, General Johns, as our President in due course.

We have a full programme of talks arranged for the next year which will be a hybrid of  Zoom meetings and face to face meetings at Gardeners’ Hall. Philippa Johnson always manages to arrange a varied and interesting series of talks and overcomes difficulties such as finding last minute replacements.

Our AGM in October is to be at The Old Court in Windsor because some members have found it impossible to negotiate the stairs at Eton College and the lift system is difficult.

We continue to try and engage with RBWM about issues such as the loss of retail outlets, for example Clarks Shoes, the growing number of eateries and bakeries and the loss of banks.

I have put few names in this piece because I am concerned if I leave someone out,  but I am grateful to Trustees, Committee members and volunteers for all their activities, which I hope makes The Windsor and Eton Society a force to be reckoned with in RBWM.


AGM – MONDAY 24TH OCTOBER 2022 – 7.00pm

The 76th AGM of The Society will be held at The Old Court, St Leonard’s Rd, Windsor on Monday 24th October at 7pm. This is the first AGM that we have been able to hold “in person” since 2019 and we hope that many members will attend this important event. After the business meeting there will be a short talk about The Old Court and its work, followed by refreshments.


We are currently planning a pre-Christmas evening event.  Look out for details and booking information coming soon.


The Facelift team all worked hard to encourage businesses and the Borough to have the towns looking their best for the Jubilee Weekend and I hope all will agree that they did put on a great show. The Facelift Judges have now reviewed all the contestants for window and floral display awards and will be finalising decisions on winners very soon.  The award ceremony date has not yet been arranged but is likely to be in the autumn.  Bedding plants were put into three areas just before the Jubilee Weekend – some in the Heritage Garden and a few also in River Street and in a bed at the south of the Bridge.  No further planting has taken place because of the continued very dry weather.  This has made it something of a struggle to keep the existing planting going but, with twice a week watering, most of the plants are still managing, if not exactly thriving.  We hope to resume our planting programme in September  –  water gods willing.

Thanks go to Alison Logan, Secretary of the Facelift Steering Group for this report


Our meetings have moved from Zoom to face-to-face meetings now which has been a very positive move.                  

Platinum Jubilee Facelift.
Plans continue to progress with a number of projects for the Platinum Jubilee Facelift of Windsor. There has been more work undertaken on the Heritage Garden and there will be new hard standing, and a Platinum Jubilee bench installed as soon as the contractor confirms a date. Further information can be found on The Society’s website and will continue to be updated regularly.

Windsor Public Spaces Transformation on Castle Hill
No work started on this before the Platinum Jubilee to ensure that the area was kept clear of roadworks.

Quarterly Meetings with the Borough to be reinstated
These meetings were stopped due to the pandemic and despite a number of requests these have still not taken place. Members of the HEC have had a meeting with Cllr Johnson and Cllr Rayner this month and it was agreed that meetings would take place every three months starting in September and an officer from the Borough would be our contact. At these meetings we will be able to discuss items that are of concern to The Society on a range of matters including planning, heritage and conservation in the town, Windsor Yards and The Vision for Windsor.

Planning Applications

 Letters written after the July 2022 Meeting

Santander, 97 Peascod Street, Windsor consent to display 1 non-illuminated awning, internally illuminated fascia sign and 1 non-illuminated projecting sign / new shop front, awning and signage (PA 22/01562/22/01561)

Jones Bootmakers, 133 Peascod Street, Windsor, SL4 1DW consent to display 1 internally illuminated projecting sign to the front elevation and internally illuminated fascia signs to the front and rear elevations / alterations to the shop front including new and replacement signage to the front and rear elevations and installation of rear wall-mounted air-`conditioning units (PA 22/01536/ADV– 22/01535/FULL)

Junction of Keppel Street and Sheet Street, Windsor – application for determination as to whether prior approval is required for a proposed 5G telecoms installation: H3G street pole further additional equipment cabinets and ancillary apparatus (PA 22/01594/TLDTT)

Mezze Grill Kitchen, 98 Peascod Street, Windsor – signage application
(PA 22/01367/22/01375/22/01376)

Letters written after the June 2022 Meeting
Woods of Windsor Ltd, 50 High Street, SL4 1LR new signage and alterations to the shopfront (PA 22/01303/FULL- 22/01304/LBC) and consent for internal alterations to the basement and ground floors  (PA 22/01306)

Mercure Castle Hotel, 18 High Street, Windsor, SL4 1LJ replacement of existing hotel name sign on the front facade with a new name sign (PA  22/01330/LBC)
We felt that the proposed black and white lettering was not appropriate

 Telecom development on land at junction of Charles Street and Goswell Road, Windsor (PA 22/01228)
We felt this to be an inappropriate place for telecom equipment with a fear that the tree there would be damaged

27 Martin Close, Windsor, SL4 5SP – single storey front extension, canopy with posts to the side elevation, new render, alterations to fenestration and new front boundary treatment (Part Retrospective) (PA 22/01224)
The plans were changed on 15th July removing the fence

74 Wolf Lane, Windsor, SL4 4YZ – garage conversion, part single part two storey front/side extension with undercroft, part single part two storey rear extension and alterations to fenestration (PA 22/01237)
We felt these plans were unacceptable.

Maynard Court, Clarence Road, Windsor SL4 5BG – application for prior approval for construction of one additional storey to building to provide 4 additional dwellings (PA 22/01095)
These plans were discussed and it was agreed that a letter of objection would be written based on parking issues; impact on amenities of neighbouring properties; overlooking other properties. It was noted that 8 residents had written objecting.
Prior approval required and was refused

Inkpen House, 10 Bolton Avenue, Windsor, SL4 3JB – garage conversion with 2 roof lights, single storey rear extension with steps to garden and wildflower green roof, enlargement of existing rear dormer, 2 roof lights, detached double garage with pergola linking to the main house and relocation of the existing front access (PA 22/01182)
These plans were inspected and it was felt that the garage would be very prominent in the front garden.

Letters written after the May 2022 Meeting
Black Sheep Coffee, 137 Peascod Street, Windsor, SL4 1DS  – internally illuminated fascia signs, 1 internally illuminated projecting sign and vinyl graphics (PA 22/01001/ADV)
We felt that pr oposed signage was not in keeping with the Conservation Area

54-56, Kings Road, Windsor, SL4 2AH – new outbuilding attached to the existing garage with covered area, part single part two storey side/rear extension, 1 dormer to north west elevation and alterations to fenestration and external finishes following part demolition of the existing single storey side/rear element (PA 22/01057/FULL)
This is a listed NDHA and therefore a Heritage Statement is required.

 40-40A Kings Road, Windsor change of use from House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO Sui Generis) to 2 dwellings (Class C3) and 1 new door on the ground floor rear elevation.  Permission had previously been given for 8 mini flats (PA 22/01146/FULL) 
Concerns were raised as this was again a NDHA and that whilst it was not objected to in principle it was agreed to suggest the bins are moved to the back of the property and parking issues are addressed.

 Land At 14 Dyson Close, Windsor  1 new detached dwelling (PA 22/00847/Full)
We felt this would be complete over-development of the site.

 267 St Leonards Road, Windsor, SL4 3DR – alterations to the garage to include a garage conversion, single storey extension to the north elevation, extending the existing 1.3m deep pit inside the garage to form a semi basement, alterations to the roof to include the removal of windows on both side elevations and alterations to fenestration (PA 22/01128/FULL)
We felt this to be an over development of the area with access issues and felt a condition of “no separate use” was needed.
Permitted but with condition as requested

 10 Hemwood Road, Windsor, SL4 4YU conversion of the internal swimming pool to an annexe ancillary to the main dwelling with a new pitched roof, 4 rooflights, 1 new door to front elevation and alterations to fenestration (PA 22/01129/FULL)
We felt a “no separate use” condition was required.

Updates to Planning Applications mentioned in previous newsletters.

Letters written after the April 2022 Meeting
The Ridings, St Leonards Hill, Windsor, SL4 4AT (PA 22/00633/FULL) 
This is an application for a huge extension and would encroach into the canopy of the oak tree. It was agreed to object to this application to protect the trees.  Letter sent including a request for the Tree Officer’s views

 113 Oxford Road, Windsor, SL4 5DX – part single storey, part two storey, part first floor rear extension, 1 rear dormer and alterations to fenestration (PA 22/00292/FULL
A letter was written objecting to the extension, as the wood cladding is inappropriate and could be seen from other areas.

Cedar Tree Guest House, 90 St Leonards Road, Windsor, SL4 3DA – change of use from C1 (Guest House) to C3 (Residential) to create 8 flats, single storey infill extension on the South elevation and 2 dormers on the South elevation (PA 22/00716/FULL)
This property is already a residence for homeless people. As this proposal comes from the RBWM Property Co. it was agreed to write to ensure that the Panel will make the decision.  

 Apartment 12 The Waterfront, 1 Riverside Walk, Windsor, SL4 1BF – replacement of two windows with two glazed doors (PA 22/00821/FULL)
A letter of objection was sent as it was agreed that the doors would destroy the symmetry of the building.

Letters written after the March 2022 Meeting

Land Adjacent To 1 Farm Yard, Windsor – consent to display 1 internally illuminated double sided digitalized monolith sign (PA 21/03734/ADV
Land Adjacent to 1 Thames Street, Windsor – consent to display 3 internally illuminated double sided digitalized monolith signs (PA 21/03738/ADV)
Land Adjacent To Piara of Windsor Garden Café, Alexandra Gardens Coach Park, Goswell Road, Windsor – consent to display 1 internally illuminated double sided digitalized monolith sign (PA 21/03739/ADV)
The above three applications were considered together. All agreed that the two in the Conservation Area should be objected to as both obstruct the pavements and are not in keeping with the area. Three letters of objection were sent.

1 Clewer Avenue, Windsor, SL4 3QB1 new dwelling, following demolition of the existing garage (PA 22/00288/FULL)  
Objection sent as this additional house, which would be attached to the present property, would leave no amenity space and could result in more cars parking on the entrance to Green Lane.

Masters Field, Eton College, Eton Wick Road, Eton, Windsor, SL4 6EY –  construction of a temporary sports building for a period of 3 years with associated works (PA 22/00358/FULL)
Objection sent as the building does not comply with the Green Belt Policy.

Letter written to Cllr Samantha Rayner and Cllr Johnson regarding the cost of scaffolding licences which are stopping some businesses from repairing their buildings

Letter written after the February 2022 Meeting
Santander, 97 Peascod Street, Windsor, SL4 1AZ – new shopfront with 1 new entrance door to upper floor following demolition of existing shopfront (PA 22/00089/FULL) 
It was thought that there was a golden opportunity here to use more natural materials for the shop front.  It was noted that the unlawful red signage was being investigated by Planning Enforcement – 22/50027ENF

Letter written after the January 2022 Meeting
Alfred Cottage, 286 Dedworth Road, Windsor, SL4 4JR
subdivision of the existing dwelling to create 2 dwellings to include relocation of the front door and two storey rear extensions, removal of existing chimneys, alteration to fenestration, allocated refuse and bicycle storage and alteration to existing vehicular access following demolition of existing elements (PA  21/03654)  
This is a NDHA, a statement had not been submitted and there was concern that one chimney had already been removed. With the additional two dwellings on this site it was thought that the area was being over-developed and that the proposed works to this property would remove all redeeming features.  Objection letter sent.
Still pending

Letter written after the November 2021 Meeting
Letter to Cllr Johnson regarding the lack of progress on the derelict site at 34-35 Thames Street and the scaffolding
Concern about the state of the building and the scaffolding as it has been in place for years. A holding response was received but still waiting for a full reply. 

 Letter written after the September 2021 Meeting
Squires Garden Centre, Maidenhead Road, Windsor – Erection of 30 dwellings including the relocation of existing access along Maidenhead Road with associated parking, internal circulation, informal public open space, landscaping and related infrastructure (PA 21/02467)

 Letters written after the July 2021 Meeting
Alexandra Gardens, Barry Avenue, Windsor
Observation wheel and refreshment unit to be sited from 1st July to 30th September 2021 (PA 21/01599)  
Letter sent as there did not appear to be enough detail of technical requirements and how long it would be on site.
Still Pending

 Alexandra Gardens, Barry Avenue, Windsor, SL4 5JA – ice rink and attractions from November to January 2022-2025 (PA 21/02291/FULL) 
New plans were submitted on 1st April 2022


We are not yet able to plan a programme of coach outings with any reliability.


The full programme of talks for the 2022-2023 season is included with this newsletter. We are pleased that we are able to return to Gardeners’ Hall for our afternoon talks whilst the evening talks will continue on Zoom in line with the results of the Talks Survey.

  • Thursday 8th Sept – 7pm – Zoom Meeting
    A Night to Remember – our first talk of the new season will be given by Alan Clare, who will speak about the Highlands & Islands Air Ambulance Service
  • Thursday 6th October – 3pm – Gardeners’ Hall
    Paris Cemeteries – a talk by Leslie Grout. This talk has twice been postponed as we were unable to meet in Gardeners’ Hall during Covid so we look forward to this finally going ahead.
  • Thursday 3rd November – 3pm – Gardeners’ Hall
    Old Oaks – Richard Everett, the Chief Forester of the Crown Estates will speak about some of the oldest trees in Windsor Great Park.


The Society now has 302 members, with a loss of 14 since last autumn  – either sadly through death, or for reasons such as moving away or lapsed subscriptions. Some of those who have moved away, however, do like to stay in touch and have remained members. It has been a pleasure to recruit newcomers, and to keep in touch with lots of you by phone, e-mail or letter on several W&ES matters that have required us to contact you and to find out your thoughts, or convey information.

Please may I remind those who do not pay by Standing Order that Annual Subscriptions are due in October. The Gift Aid Scheme provides valuable income for the Society and three quarters of our membership participate in this scheme. If you are a UK tax payer and have not yet made provision for us to claim tax relief on your subscription, please do contact me, Katie Broady, Membership Secretary on membership@wesoc.org.uk


Windsor Town ForumThe next 2 meetings are scheduled for Wednesday 14th September and Tuesday 15th November, both at 6.30pm. The meetings are scheduled as virtual online meetings but please check the RBWM website nearer the dates for confirmation. Minutes of previous meetings, the Agenda and dates of future meetings when available, can be accessed through the RBWM website http://www.rbwm.gov.uk

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