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NEWSLETTER No 97 May 2022

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At the time of writing, we shall be anticipating the long weekend for the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations at the beginning of June.

The committee working on Facelift has been busy and the results are already visible in the Heritage Garden, around the Charles Knight grave in Bachelors Acre and at the River Street Garden. We still have work to do and plants to plant and we have added the Remembrance Garden to the list of areas needing our attention. We will also need to ensure that these plots do not fall into the poor state in which we had recently found them. Businesses have been visited to persuade them to ensure that their premises look their best for this occasion. Not all the results will be visible by the Jubilee weekend but hopefully by the end of the year. We do have concerns where businesses have vacated their premises, such as the Banks, which leads to problems of people accessing cash as well as leaving shuttered buildings.

Susy Shearer had the brainwave of asking people to clean the roundels of the Queen’s Walkway and we have a list of participants which includes the Mayor and the Town Crier. The Windsor and Eton Society has had a regular presence at the Farmers’ Market on the first Saturday of each month, and this has enabled those taking part to meet members of the public, talk about the Facelift and introduce The Society.

You will read more about Facelift in Alison Logan’s report, but I have chosen also to highlight these activities as The Windsor and Eton Society funds have enabled us to undertake and underwrite this work. We have also received generous donations from Segro, Windsor & Eton Rotary Club and individual members. We intend to place a Jubilee Bench in the Heritage Garden in celebration of an event which is likely to be unique in our history. The longest reigning monarch known was Louis XIV of France who reigned for 72 years and about 110 days. It remains to be seen if Elizabeth II matches or even exceeds this.

Alongside the Facelift activity Philippa Johnson has arranged outstanding speakers for us although because of Covid meetings were held by Zoom. We do, however, intend to return to Gardeners’ Hall in the Autumn. In March it was both interesting and so sad to see pictures of Ukraine and its people before the current war and realise what is happening to that country now. In April members learnt more about the Royal Chapel in the grounds of Royal Lodge.

Sadly I have to record the death of Dr David Murray Bruce and Anne Taylor has written an obituary of our former Chairman. We owe such a debt of gratitude to our forebears, and we also have a heritage that they have passed on to us to safeguard and preserve.

I do hope that life continues to return to normal and we can resume events such as our annual dinner and outings next year. I must record my grateful thanks to all our Trustees for the work they do and for their support. These are not empty words but sincere appreciation.


 Past Chairman  – Dr David Murray Bruce RD FRCP Edin.


David grew up in nearby Chertsey and Wentworth. He studied medicine at Cambridge University and St. Thomas’ Hospital. He later specialised in Occupational Medicine, finally working in the Houses of Parliament.

He was married to Suzanne and they had four children and several grandchildren. They lived in the Windsor area for a long time, moving from Datchet to Bolton Road and then to Queen Anne’s Road.


David was a lay steward at St George’s Chapel for many years since their son was a chorister there.

He became Chairman of The Windsor and Eton Society in 2007 and occupied the position until 2012. It was unusual that he was elected directly as Chairman having not been on The W&ES Executive Committee previously and he always said that it was a steep learning curve. He led the Society well with great support from Suzanne. Together they welcomed members to meetings and took an interest in their well-being. He involved himself directly with the Heritage and Environment Committee and, in particular, worked with the small group from the Society who organised the collection for and the installation of the sculpture “60 Spheres for 60 years” in King Edward Court precinct to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of HM the Queen.

The Society owes David a debt of gratitude for all he did and we send our sympathy to Suzanne and all his family.


Our meetings continue to be held on Zoom, which has worked well but we hope to get back to face-to-face meetings                                                 

Platinum Jubilee Facelift.

Plans continue to progress with a number of projects for the Platinum Jubilee Facelift of Windsor. There has been more work undertaken on the Heritage Garden and a working party cleared and cleaned the Charles Knight Garden.

The Ambassadors have continued to visit their businesses to see how their plans are coming together.

Further information can be found on the W&ES website and will continue to be updated regularly.  

Windsor Public Spaces Transformation on Castle Hill

There will not be any work started on this until after the Platinum Jubilee. This will ensure that the area is kept clear of roadworks leading up to the Jubilee.

Planning Applications

 Letters written after the April 2022 Meeting

PA 22/00633/FULLThe Ridings, St Leonards Hill, Windsor, SL4 4AT
This is an application for a huge extension and would encroach into the canopy of the oak tree. It was agreed to object to this application to protect the trees.  Letter sent including a request for the Tree Officer’s views 

22/00292/FULL113 Oxford Road, Windsor, SL4 5DX part single storey, part two storey, part first floor rear extension, 1 rear dormer and alterations to fenestration.   
A letter was written objecting to the extension, as the wood cladding is inappropriate and could be seen from other areas.

22/00716/FULL Cedar Tree Guest House, 90 St Leonards Road, Windsor, SL4 3DAchange of use from C1 (Guest House) to C3 (Residential) to create 8 flats, single storey infill extension on the South elevation and 2 dormers on the South elevation.
This property is already a residence for homeless people. As this proposal comes from the RBWM Property Co. it was agreed to write to ensure that the Panel will make the decision.

22/00821/FULLApartment 12 The Waterfront, 1 Riverside Walk, Windsor, SL4 1BFreplacement of two windows with two glazed doors.
A letter of objection was sent as it was agreed that the doors would destroy the symmetry of the building.

Letters written after the March 2022 Meeting

21/03734/ADV Land Adjacent To 1 Farm Yard, Windsor – consent to display 1 internally illuminated double sided digitalized monolith sign.

21/03738/ADV Land Adjacent to 1 Thames Street, Windsor – consent to display 3 internally illuminated double sided digitalized monolith signs 

21/03739/ADV – Land Adjacent To Piara of Windsor Garden Café, Alexandra Gardens Coach Park, Goswell Road, Windsor – consent to display 1 internally illuminated double sided digitalized monolith sign (PA )

The above three applications were considered together. All agreed that the two in the Conservation Area should be objected to as both obstruct the pavements and are not in keeping with the area. Three letters of objection were sent.

PA 22/00288/FULL 1 Clewer Avenue, Windsor, SL4 3QB – 1 new dwelling, following demolition of the existing garage 
Objection sent as this additional house, which would be attached to the present property, would leave no amenity space and could result in more cars parking on the entrance to Green Lane.  

22/00358/FULLMasters Field, Eton College, Eton Wick Road, Eton, Windsor, SL4 6EY –  construction of a temporary sports building for a period of 3 years with associated works.
Objection sent as the building does not comply with the Green Belt Policy.

22/00227 17 Smiths Lane, Windsor, SL4 5PE single storey granny annexe ancillary to the main dwelling following demolition of existing element.
Letter written seeking a condition of no separate residency should the application be approved.
Permitted – with the clause that not to be used as a separate residential property

Letter written to Cllr Samantha Rayner and Cllr Johnson regarding the cost of scaffolding licences which are stopping some businesses from repairing their buildings

Letters written after the February 2022 Meeting

22/00127/FULL36 Wood Close, Windsor, SL4 3JZsingle storey front extension
This proposed extension would be detrimental to the area as it is very large and encroaching on the front garden.  

22/00089/FULL –  Santander, 97 Peascod Street, Windsor, SL4 1AZ – new shopfront with 1 new entrance door to upper floor following demolition of existing shopfront.   It was thought that there was a golden opportunity here to use more natural materials for the shop front.  It was noted that the unlawful red signage was being investigated by Planning Enforcement – 22/50027ENF   

22/00090/TLDTTLand at Junction of Wolf Lane And Tinkers Lane, Windsorapplication to determine whether prior approval is required for proposed 20m ‘slim line’ phase 8 monopole c/w wraparound cabinet at base, 3 additional ancillary equipment cabinets and associated ancillary works 
Concerns were expressed over height of the mast, foundations of nearby trees getting damaged and the cabinets blocking road views.

22/00095 Guildhall, Windsor, SL4 1LRconsent for the installation of a commemorative plaque on the exterior wall of the Guildhall building to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen and the 100th anniversary of the granting of Royal status to Windsor 
The plaques were inspected and it was agreed that the platinum rather than gold background was preferable and we would be happier with the wording “centenary” rather than “100th anniversary”.  

Updates to Planning Applications mentioned in previous newsletters.

Letters written after the January 2022 Meeting

21/03765 –  Site of Former Pine Lodge, Hatch Lane, Windsor – new pedestrian and vehicular entrance gates with piers.
It was thought that the extra parking spaces could affect some trees. It was considered that the access gates could cause a detrimental impact on the street and was contrary to the Clewer Corridor – country lane effect and urbanizing the area too much. Whilst it was known that other developments along Hatch Lane had gates it was hoped that this would be refused so not to set a precedent. Objection letter sent.

21/03709Harte and Garter, 31, High Street SL4 1PQ – details required by conditions 2 (colour scheme) and 3 (internal works) of listed building consent 19/01988/LBC for consent for installation of a replacement plant including 3 flues, 2 extraction ducts and 4 condensers within the rear courtyard, and with internal alterations, external repainting and advertisement.
Letter sent pointing out the lack of a submitted colour scheme and that the architectural features needed emphasizing. 

21/0364022 Clewer Avenue, Windsor, SL4 3QBdetached outbuilding to provide residential annexe accommodation for purposes ancillary to the residential use of the existing dwelling – retrospective.
Plans inspected and, with 200 reviews on Airbnb, concern was expressed about it being a business and whether change of use or other planning specifications were required.  There was also no parking space .
Permitted – with clause that it shall not be occupied at any time other than for purposes ancillary to the residential use of the dwelling


21/03654Alfred Cottage, 286 Dedworth Road, Windsor, SL4 4JRsubdivision of the existing dwelling to create 2 dwellings to include relocation of the front door and two storey rear extensions, removal of existing chimneys, alteration to fenestration, allocated refuse and bicycle storage and alteration to existing vehicular access following demolition of existing elements 
This is a NDHA, a statement had not been submitted and there was concern that one chimney had already been removed. With the additional two dwellings on this site it was thought that the area was being over-developed and that the proposed works to this property would remove all redeeming features.  Objection letter sent. 
Still pending

Letter written after the November 2021 Meeting

  1. 34-35 Thames Street.  Letter to Cllr Johnson regarding the lack of progress on the derelict site and the scaffolding.
    Concern about the state of the building and the scaffolding as it has been in place for years. A holding response was received but still waiting for a full reply. 

 Letter written after the October 2021 Meeting 

  1. Land at 6 Ash Lane and 6 Ash Lane, Windsor – Garage conversion to 6 Ash Lane, part single, part two storey wrap around extension, new shared access, extension of the existing access and addition of a parking space to create 1 dwelling (PA 21/02614) 
    Plans inspected and we objected as the building protrudes out beyond the boundary and the design and parking is not acceptable. 

 Letter written after the September 2021 Meeting 

  1. Squires Garden Centre, Maidenhead Road, Windsor – Erection of 30 dwellings including the relocation of existing access along Maidenhead Road with associated parking, internal circulation, informal public open space, landscaping and related infrastructure (PA 21/02467)
    Permitted at Panel in April – but there are still matters to be agreed before the Permission is posted to the website           

 Letters written after the July 2021 Meeting 

  1. Alexandra Gardens, Barry Avenue, Windsor – Observation wheel and refreshment unit to be sited from 1st July to 30th September 2021 (PA 21/01599)
    Letter sent as there did not appear to be enough detail of technical requirements and how long it would be on site. 
    Still Pending
  2.  Alexandra Gardens, Barry Avenue, Windsor, SL4 5JA – ice rink and attractions from November to January 2022-2025 (PA 21/02291/FULL)
    New plans were submitted on 1st April 2022


The Facelift visiting “ambassadors” have done a marvellous job making sure that they have established contact with key people in all the buildings with frontages in the town’s core. While we will not see huge improvements in time for the Jubilee weekend, many businesses do have plans for, or have already carried out, minor improvements and we will shortly be seeing more jubilee shop window displays going up. Daniel already have a striking display with Union Flag and crown and elsewhere shops such as Snappy Snaps have done some repainting and repairs to make sure their facades are looking smart.  Susie Garnier has been working hard organising the “ambassadors” and has also been making sure that the Borough are aware of particular areas which need cleaning or urgent repair. The Borough has promised an extra cleaning effort for the weekend.  Susie has persuaded SSE to deal with the once dilapidated electricity sub-station in River Street, which is now looking really smart with surroundings tidied, the gate repaired, and railings painted. All these little improvements help to make the town have a more cared for appearance. 

By the time this newsletter goes out we will have had another day at the Farmers’ Market handing out leaflets and encouraging people to sign up for cleaning the Queens Walkway plaques – there are still some available if members would like to join in with this effort. Also another planting day will have taken place in the Heritage Garden. Many plants were being looked after by various Facelift Committee Members until they could go in the ground, but the very dry weather had caused problems watering those that were already there, and we will wait to put the bedding plants in until nearer the end of May. There may therefore be further planting and clearing working parties at short notice near the Jubilee weekend so do keep a look out for notices. Volunteers are always welcome. 

The work will not stop in early June. There will be the judging of Facelift displays and shopfront improvements and ongoing work in the gardens. We are also pressing ahead with developing plans for a Jubilee bench in the Heritage Garden but that is unlikely to be installed before the autumn.

Thanks go to Alison Logan, Secretary of the Facelift Steering Group for this report


We are not yet able to plan a programme of coach outings with any reliability.


Unfortunately the talk by Tracy Borman, who has authored a book about all the English monarchs from King Alfred onwards, had to be cancelled. It is hoped that there will be an opportunity to hear this talk during the 2022 Windsor Festival.


In March Sir Ian Macfadyen CB, OBE, RAF, our Past President and a former Constable and Governor of Windsor Castle, gave a Zoom talk on  A Visit to the Ukraine.
When this talk about his 2013 visit was booked last summer none of us would have anticipated the dreadful turn of events with Russia invading the Ukraine, so it was doubly interesting to get an insight into the generous hospitality given to Sir Ian and his party of sixty from the Royal Air Squadron, including HRH Prince Michael of Kent, on this first visit of its kind. They also took several small planes (which needed permission for special fuel) and were greeted with much interest and enthusiasm. We saw how the party were not only entertained but were greeted royally with formal welcome parades in the various places where they landed.

Canon Martin Poll’s talk in April was on The Royal Chapel in the Park when he told us of the history of the little chapel hidden in the grounds of Royal Lodge. The first chapel was started by King George IV in the 1820s, although there have been substantial additions and alterations over the years, the latest being glass doors at the West end so as to let in more light. There are also interesting altar frontals with the most modern showing trees, animals etc found in the Park. Canon Poll also told us about some of the royal personages who have had a particular connection with the chapel.

Our next season of talks will commence in September. After consideration of the results of our Talks Survey the Committee has decided to hold the afternoon talks in Gardeners’ Hall and the evening talks on Zoom, as there was a definite preference amongst respondents for not going out in the evenings. Evening talks on Zoom will take place in September, March and April at 7pm, which is one of the two time options most favoured by members and is also preferred by our speakers over a later start time. Afternoon talks in Gardeners’ Hall in October, November, December, January and February will continue to be at 3pm. We will also continue to offer members the chance to access recordings of the talks where possible.


The committee has pleasure in welcoming 6 new members since February:

We are also hoping to attract new members by asking those who respond positively to event invitations to encourage their friends also to become members, and join them for our talks 

We wrote to 64 members still receiving newsletters by mail, asking for those who felt able to accept the e-mailed version. I am glad to say that we have managed to reduce the number posted out by 14, thus saving postage, labour and trees, and we welcome any further names to add to the list.


Meet Katie Broady, our Membership Secretary:

Katie was born in Carshalton, Surrey and was educated at Wallington Grammar School.  She completed a Private Secretary’s Certificate in 1974 and moved to London, working in Public Relations at New Scotland Yard and later overseas in Dubai and Kuwait on the Kuwait Oil Company Gas Project.  After a 2 year period as PA with Trust House Forte in London, in 1981 she married Neil, an aircraft engineer running his own business, and they set up home in Oakley Green where they worked as a team and raised their family.    During this time Katie was also involved in voluntary work, was an original member of the Windsor National Childbirth Trust as their Secretary, and gave help to various other charities over the years. She also worked part-time as receptionist/secretary at the Cardinal Clinic. 

On her husband’s death in 2008 Katie moved to Eton and has since kept busy in the voluntary sector, at Eton Porny School helping with children’s reading, at Wexham Park Hospital in various roles, at present in the Chaplaincy, and for Macmillan Cancer Support over the past 5 years. She married Malcolm in 2016. They were founding members of the Eton Community Association, and they enjoy travelling, reading,  theatre, spending time with family and friends, and supporting  their community.

Your Committee


Margaret Lenton


Deputy Chair

Chris Aitken



Jonathan Palmer



Fred West


Heritage & Environment

Theresa Haggart



Janet Dawson



Katie Broady



Philippa Johnson



Rosemary Wood



Malcolm Leach





Windsor Town Forum – The next 2 meetings are scheduled for Tuesday 13th July and Wednesday 14th September, both at 6.30pm. The meetings are scheduled as virtual online meetings but please check the RBWM website nearer the dates for confirmation. Minutes of previous meetings, the Agenda and dates of future meetings when available, can be accessed through the RBWM website http://www.rbwm.gov.uk

Platinum Jubilee Events in Windsor – The following free events are scheduled to take place during the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend:

  • Thursday 2nd June – Windsor Platinum Jubilee Beacon Lighting and Fireworks – on the Long Walk as darkness falls
  • Saturday 4th June – Jubilee Picnic in the Park – afternoon and evening on the Long Walk – parade of cars from 1952-2022 – musical performances – big screens featuring events in London
  • Sunday 5th June – Windsor’s Big Lunch with lunch tables and picnics on the Long Walk – Commonwealth theme – big screens showing London events.

Further information on these events is available on:    www.windsorplatinumjubilee.co.uk/whats-on/

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