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NEWSLETTER No 94 August 2021

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At the time of writing the information about Covid looks better but who knows what the Autumn and Winter will hold? We will still be using Zoom for some Windsor and Eton Society activities and talks. In September, the first meeting with Hugo Vickers, now a member of our Society, will be held by Zoom, as will the October Talk by Mark Morris who is a noted author about medieval history and has written a very well-received book about the Anglo-Saxons. The Society has also decided to hold our AGM by Zoom.

Since I last wrote to you, a group of us, including Susy Shearer, Theresa Haggart, Chris Aitken, Malcolm Leach and myself have begun to think about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, taking place in June next year. We did think the Windsor and Eton Society should make a suitable contribution and have resolved to work on a Windsor Facelift, building on the work of The Society ten years ago. Time is much shorter because of the pandemic but we still believe we can organise meaningful work, including trying to establish a colour palette that can be used in the Conservation Area by businesses. We will keep you updated on progress, and we will in due course need volunteers to help.  We have a Committee in place which includes the above members, and also Paul Roach the Town Centre Manager. Above all we have the expertise of those who worked on the Diamond Jubilee Facelift and we have been in touch with the Windsor Platinum Celebration Committee chaired by Graham Barker. I am aware we have not consulted as widely as we should but we felt it was important to see what was feasible and it now seems probable that The Windsor and Eton Society can take part in a project which meets our aims and benefits the two towns.

We are shortly losing Sue Wells our Membership Secretary who has worked in this capacity for many years. We are so grateful for all her work particularly recently when we have had to keep members informed about the arrangements for our different ways of holding our meetings. We are relieved that we now have a replacement for Sue as Katie Broady, Malcolm Leach’s partner, has come to our aid. Life has been difficult as we have not been able to meet face to face.

I am grateful to all the Trustees who work for our Society and particularly would like to mention the Heritage and Environment Committee which has met throughout the pandemic and responded to planning permissions and heritage issues within Windsor and Eton. Meetings will hopefully soon resume with the Borough to ensure that key issues of interest to The Society are raised.

We have received better news about James Clark and trust that his return to health continues. A number of people have sent him and his family messages of support, which have been passed on.

I do look forward to the day when we can return to face to face meetings and life gets back to normal, but I am proud that The Society has managed to keep going with interesting talks arranged by Philippa Johnson when other organisations have not been so fortunate.  I am in addition grateful for your patience and continuing support. We have missed the Annual Dinner, the Music Event and above all Rosemarie’s outings. We hope that all can return in 2022.


The AGM of our Society will be held on Monday 11th October 2021 at 7pm and will again take place via Zoom. We had a very good attendance at the Zoom AGM last year so do please, once again, try to share in this important event in the Society’s calendar. If you do not have access to Zoom yourself maybe you know a member who would be willing for you to join them now we can mix more freely in our homes.


Wednesday 1st September – 7pm – Zoom meeting

Our first talk of the new season will be given by Hugo Vickers, who will talk about his book The Kiss: The Story of an Obsession which won the 1996 Stern Silver Pen Award for Non-Fiction. With a simple kiss Joan Kappey lost her heart to a man many years her junior. The obsession which began that winter’s day in 1960 would last the rest of her life. In the Windsor house that she shared with her sister, Christian, she made a shrine of her loved one’s image, his photograph staring down from every corner of her sitting room. Hugo Vickers met the Kappey sisters as a schoolboy at Eton in the late 1960s. When he visited them for lunch one Sunday, he could not fail to notice the haunting picture and wonder at the story that lay behind it. In time he would piece together the strange and poignant details of Joan’s passion for Dick, but also find that it was part of a much larger tale – that of the Kappey family, whose memory had been lovingly preserved over three generations, and of their friends, impoverished gentlefolk living out sad, brave lives under the shadow of Windsor Castle. 

Hugo Vickers is a writer and broadcaster, who has written biographies of many twentieth century figures, including the Queen Mother, Gladys – Duchess of Marlborough, Cecil Beaton, Vivien Leigh, a study of Greta Garbo, Alice – Princess Andrew of Greece, and his book, The Private World of The Duke and Duchess of Windsor was illustrated with pictures from their own collection.

Details of the programme of talks for 2021/22 are on the attached poster. We are monitoring when we will be able to resume meeting for our afternoon talks in Gardeners’ Hall and we hope that we will be able to do so in November but will keep members informed nearer to the date.


Thursday 7th October 2021 – 7pm

The Anglo-Saxons – A History of the Beginnings of England – by Marc Morris

Marc Morris, a historian who specialises in the Middle Ages, will speak on his new book about the Anglo-Saxons and their contribution to laying the foundations of England. He has published books on the Norman Conquest, King John and Edward I as well as presenting the TV series Castle and contributing to other history programmes on radio and TV.

This Zoom talk is the Society’s second joint venture with Chorleywood Bookshop and we have made arrangements to increase the numbers that can access this meeting to avoid the unfortunate problems that occurred in March


We are not yet able to give any details about dates for outings in 2022 but we still hope to be able to rebook these as follows:

  • April 2022 – Rye and Great Dixter House & Garden, East Sussex
  • June 2022 – Leeds Castle, Kent`‘`


We continue to hold our monthly meeting by Zoom which has worked well.

Quarterly Meeting with RBWM Officers
Due to Covid-19 there have still not been any of these meetings. We have tried in the last few months to have a meeting by Zoom but are waiting for the Borough to get back to us on this.

The Windsor Neighbourhood Plan
The WNP was passed at Referendum on 6th May and was adopted officially by the Borough on the 29th June. It now has full weight in planning decisions. The Non Designated Heritage Asset (NDHA) Document developed by the W&ES is part of the final WNP documentation.

Windsor Guildhall
We have had a meeting with Cllr Johnson and RBWM officers regarding our concerns over the condition of the Guildhall. We raised the need for a full Condition Survey of this Grade 1 Listed building to ensure that any maintenance work or repairs are scheduled rather than happening as emergency repairs.

We also discussed that the Borough needs a guide for new business tenants as to any permissions needed for works to buildings within the Conservation Area. This would include a palette of suitable colours of paint, types of signage that is acceptable etc. In addition we discussed the continued concern as to any possible development of the Alexandra Gardens area. Cllr Johnson suggested that we continue with this type of meeting regularly.

Windsor Public Spaces Transformation
All the investigative work has now been completed so the work can progress when a start date has been decided.

Audit Walkaround of Windsor.
Several of the H&EC members have begun an audit of areas of Windsor that may have begun to look somewhat tired over the last few years, in particular looking at the areas that visitors to the town see on arrival. This will support the work about to begin on the Platinum Jubilee Facelift of Windsor in readiness for next June’s celebrations. 

Planning Applications 

Letters written after the July 2021 Meeting 

  1. PA 21/01599 – Alexandra Gardens, Barry Avenue, Windsor – Observation wheel and refreshment unit to be sited from 1st July to 30th September 2021
    Letter sent as there did not appear to be enough detail of technical requirements and how long it would be on site.

Letters written after the June 2021 Meeting 

  1. 21/0128770 – Clewer Hill Road, Windsor – New boundary treatment on the west boundary
  1. PA 21/01472/FULL – 191 Maidenhead Road, Windsor – Construction of 1 flat with garaging underneath, 1 new cycle and bin storage following demolition of garages 10-15 This is a repeat of an application already refused. Previous letter updated and re-sent.    Pending
  1. PA 21/01442-3 – French Connection Unit, 15 Windsor Royal Station, Jubilee Arch, Windsor – Repainting of the exterior shopfront and render with a new fire safety door to the ground floor front elevation
  1. Ruddles Pool, Maidenhead Road, Windsor (Appeal21/60045)
    Submitted letter re-sent to ensure Inspector has our comments

Letters written after the May 2021 Meeting

  1. PA 21/01269/TLDTT – Verge Opposite Windsor Gospel Hall, Ruddlesway, Windsor
    Application for determination as to whether the prior approval is required for the proposed 18m Phase 8 Monopole C/W wraparound Cabinet at base and associated ancillary works
  2. PA 21/01016/ADV – Hotter Shoes, 12A Peascod Street, Windsor SL4 1DU – Consent to display 1 externally illuminated fascia sign and 1 non-illuminated projecting sign
  1. PA 21/01340/VAR/ 21/01343/CONDIT – Kent House, Hatch Lane, Windsor – Variation to conditions and colour and style of materials


Updates to Planning Applications mentioned in previous newsletters. 

Letters written after April 2021 meeting

  1. 21/00721 – Land at 60 White Horse Road, Windsor – 1 dwelling with associated parking and new vehicular access.

This application was discussed and due to the building being next to the pavement a letter was sent. 

  1. Land north of Camperdown House, Alma Road, Windsor – Erection of 4 semidetached dwellings with associated parking, landscaping and vehicular access (PA 21/00686)

It was appreciated that the number of dwellings had been reduced but the design of the dwellings could be improved. Letter written objecting to the impact on the Conservation Area; loss of public car parking; the importance of keeping the vista from Vansittart Rd to Trinity Church; and the lighting/safety aspect of the pathway.  
Still Pending

Letters written after March 2021 meeting

  1. 17 The Willows, Maidenhead Road, Windsor – New front gable with second floor window, alterations to the existing rear gable to create a second floor balcony, alterations to the roof to create a flat roof section in the middle of the roof, 10 rooflights and alterations to fenestration (PA 21/00308)

We felt that these works were not sympathetic with neighbouring properties and would ruin the building design.

  1. Pippins, Hatch Lane, Windsor – Replacement and raising of the roof with a mansard roof to create a new second floor and 1 second floor rear terrace (PA 21/00317)

We felt the roof to be out of keeping with vicinity and the loss of trees will affect the green corridor of Hatch Lane. 
Application withdrawn in May

  1. 1 Clewer Avenue, Windsor – Part single/part two storey side/front extension, single storey rear extension, canopy to front entrance, part hit hip to gable and two first floor rear gable windows following the demolition of existing detached garage (PA 21/00414)

Plans inspected and we felt that the garage would be too near to the road for safety.

  1. S G Autopoint, 437-441 St. Leonards Road, Windsor – 50 Room Hotel (APP/T0355/W/20/3253114)
     Original application PA 19/01513 Refused but Permitted on Appeal

Letters written after February 2021 meeting

  1. Boots,17-18 Peascod Street, Windsor, SL4 1DU – Part demolition of building with retention of reduced retail store footprint and redevelopment of the demolished section of building for new build hotel incorporating ancillary restaurant and bar, integrated service area and engineering operations to create frontage landscaping area to provide lay-by, pavement and parking space (PA 20/03514/FULL)

Letter written, requesting that the front of the building is reconsidered to create a front fascia more in keeping with the Conservation area, concern about the bulk and height of the building which will affect the amenity and light of the block of flats next-door, the difficulties caused by the increased traffic congestion and parking space.
Still Pending

Letters written after December 2020 Meeting

  1. Thames Hospicecare, Pine Lodge, Hatch Lane, Windsor – Provision of housing development 2nd Application (PA 20/02976) + (PA 20/60091 Appeal).

These plans were discussed and other views taken into account. It was agreed to write accepting the changes which had been made since the first application and to write regarding the appeal advising that a much improved scheme had been submitted.  


Letters written after November 2020 meeting

  1. Telecommunications Mast At Junction of Vale Road and Shirley Avenue, Windsor Application for determination as to whether prior approval is required for 1x 20m Phase 8 streetpole C/W wraparound cabinet on concrete base, 3 cabinets, 3 antennae and associated ancillary works (PA 20/02730/TLDTT)
    Letter written regarding the increased number of cabinets proposed and the siting adjacent to and within a few yards of balconies of a new development already given planning permission but not yet started.
    Refused but Permitted on Appeal


  1. Essex Lodge, 69 Osborne Road and Annexe to Essex Lodge 69 Osborne Road, WindsorConstruction of x10 flats with associated landscaping, parking and bin store and alterations to the existing access, following demolition of the existing building (PA 20/00935/FULL)
    Refused November 2020, Appeal Dismissed June 2021


Our thanks go to Sue Wells for her valuable and important contribution to the Society during her 10 years as Membership Secretary. As this is such a key role in the smooth running of the Society we are very pleased to have found a replacement and welcome Katie Broady as she imminently takes over from Sue.

The Society’s membership now stands at 296.

Many members receive their newsletter by email and the Society would like this number to increase thus saving the Society a considerable amount of expense. Please let the Membership Secretary know if you are happy to do this membership@wesoc.org.uk .
Please also remember to advise the Membership Secretary if your email address has changed so that our records remain up to date. The Annual Report is still sent to members by post.


Meet our Chair of the Heritage and Environment Committee, Theresa Haggart

Theresa was born in Farnham Royal and grew up in Burnham. After primary school she attended St Bernard’s Convent School in Slough, winning the ‘Service to School’ prize in her final year. In 1972 Theresa went to train as a primary school teacher at La Sainte Union College in Southampton, where she met her future husband. After graduation she moved back to Berkshire and started her teaching career at a primary school in Langley.

Following the birth of Theresa’s first son, the family moved to Windsor. The next few years added a daughter and another son to the family. Theresa spent the next five years looking after her growing family, whilst closely following her passion for education, as a temporary teacher at selected local schools and as a member of the PTA at her children’s school.

When the youngest child started school, Theresa decided to return to teaching full time. Starting at Clewer Green School, where she taught for 10 years. With her sights on her teaching career, she moved to a school in Maidenhead to gain experience, then to a Deputy Headteacher post in Slough and was swiftly promoted to Headteacher. During her ten years there she was very engaged with all aspects of the school and its community.

Since retiring in 2012 Theresa has become actively engaged with local voluntary schemes and following her other passions, gardening, cooking, and knitting. Theresa is a Royal Borough Ambassador, in the red uniform that you will see at public events in Windsor. She is the Chair of her Residents Association, a member of a wider residents association and she has also been a member of the WNP Committee for several years. She now provides regular childcare for grandsons and enjoys relaxing outdoors at Savill Gardens or the RHS at Wisley and at NT properties.


Windsor Town Forum – The next 2 meetings are scheduled for Thursday 2nd September and Tuesday 16th November, both at 6.15pm The venues are yet to be confirmed so please check the RBWM website nearer the dates for confirmation. Minutes of previous meetings, the Agenda and dates of future meetings when available, can be accessed through the RBWM website http://www.rbwm.gov.uk


Philippa Johnson, our Talks Organiser, is the daughter of former W&ES Secretary, Mr D B Ashworth, and she has unearthed copies of the Society’s Annual Reports for 1968 and 1969. These make interesting reading and it is my intention to include some of the information from them in future newsletters. It may be that we have other “second generation” members of the Society who have memorabilia or recollections that would be of interest to current members and, if so, do feel free contact me (Newsletter Editor details below)

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