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NEWSLETTER No 93 May 2021

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I have had a sad duty in recent weeks, which was to write a letter of condolence to Her Majesty the Queen following the death of HRH the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and, working with Malcolm Leach to ensure that our website made appropriate mention. So many members had met Prince Philip and understood the many contributions he has made both to his adopted country and to Windsor and Eton, his usual home.

Personally, I was able to entertain Prince Philip when he visited my school. He was so interested in the young people he met and they in their turn appreciated his visit. Jack who used an electric wheelchair, was nonplussed when the Press pounced after a joke was shared. The Duke said that he supposed that Jack could get a fair rate of knots along the corridors and Jack replied that we had cleared the corridors during the Royal Visit, but he had to take his chance. The Duke laughed which was the signal for the Press to question what had been said. When Prince Philip left he said he wanted me to break the rules and take the half-day holiday he was awarding. We duly did this, breaking up at lunchtime before the holiday at the end of May.

We shall remember Prince Philip with affection and respect. We feel deeply sorry that the Queen has lost her consort of over 70 years and trust that she has some comfort from the genuine affection and respect with which Prince Philip was held.

We have also heard that one of our Trustees, James Clark, has been badly injured in an accident in Ireland. James has suffered severe burns and is in Intensive Care but the latest reports suggest some progress. Our thoughts and prayers are with James, his wife Marion and his family.

We have completed our talks for this season and Philippa has done such an excellent job arranging them, sometimes having to organise substitutes for speakers who did not use Zoom. The talks were varied including, recently, the Abbeyfield Society with its link to Sir Nicholas Winton. Listening, I did reflect how much that war-time generation, besides their contribution to winning the war, had gone on to serve their communities in peace-time. We will resume our talks in September, and we hope to return to face to face meetings at either Upton House School or Gardeners’ Hall. We may have to adopt some sort of hybrid programme using both Zoom and live audiences depending on circumstances. This may be the case with our AGM also.

I do have to apologise to members about the Zoom meeting involving James Holland, talking about his new book on the Allied Invasion of Sicily. We were subsequently able to enable members to hear the recording of this and we have learnt lessons about what to do in future to increase the permitted number of attendees. We have booked Marc Morris to talk about Anglo-Saxon England in October, as I aim to include some national
historians, perhaps once or twice a year to complement our programme of monthly talks by more local speakers. In order to do this we have worked with the Chorleywood bookshop which has organised speakers for the Windsor Festival and enables subscribers to hear, via Zoom, nationally-known writers from different genres.

Unfortunately, we have not felt able to organise visits this summer. Members, I know, looked forward to Rosemarie’s outings, but we hope that we can resume more normal activities next year. These should include the celebrations in June 2022 of Her Majesty the Queen’s 70 years on the throne, and we will let you know in due course what we have planned.

Committee meetings have continued throughout the past year, and in particular the Heritage and Environment Committee continues to monitor planning applications and to press the Royal Borough about issues relating to our historic towns of Windsor and Eton. Sadly we are in need of a new Membership Secretary from the autumn because Sue Wells, after 10 years’ service, has declared her wish to retire. If anyone is willing to take on this role, could you please get in touch with me and I am sure Sue would be willing to talk anyone through the tasks she undertakes. Thank you for your continuing support, both to members who have Zoomed into our activities and to all members of the Committee for their work.


Throughout the Covid 19 period all the meetings of the committee have continued to be by Zoom which has in most parts worked well.

Quarterly Meeting with RBWM Officers
Due to Covid-19 there have not been any of these meetings. We have tried in the last few months to have a meeting by Zoom but are waiting for the Borough to get back to us on this.

The Windsor Neighbourhood Plan
On the 6th May 2021 the WNP went to Referendum after a long process, and 88% of the votes cast were in favour. The plan will now be adopted by RBWM and it will carry significant weight in determining planning applications within the residential areas of Windsor. The WNP Task and Delivery Group will become a Statutory Consultee for all planning applications within the area.

Windsor Guildhall
The condition of the Grade 1 Listed building continues to cause us great concern. We are pleased to say that we have a meeting booked for this month to discuss the situation and other matters.

Windsor Public Spaces Transformation
The first part of this development to pedestrianise Castle Hill has been completed. This was the digging of the bore holes to investigate the substructure. The results of these investigations were satisfactory and the next stage is setting the date for the works to begin. 3

Planning Applications

Letters written after April 2021 meeting

21/00721  – Land at 60 White Horse Road, Windsor – 1 dwelling with associated parking and new vehicular access
This application was discussed and due to the building being next to the pavement a letter was sent.

21/00686 – Land north of Camperdown House, Alma Road, Windsor – Erection of 4 semidetached dwellings with associated parking, landscaping and vehicular access (PA )

It was appreciated that the number of dwellings had been reduced but the design of the dwellings could be improved. Letter written objecting to the impact on the Conservation Area; loss of public car parking; the importance of keeping the vista from Vansittart to Trinity Church; and the lighting/safety aspect of the pathway.

Letters written after March 2021 meeting

20/03354 – The Croft, 32A Ash Lane, Windsor – Change of Use of the ancillary annexe to an independent dwelling and replacement roof
Concerns raised that it was not suitable for a separate dwelling as lack of adequate amenity space, poor access and change of use would create a precedent.

 21/00273. – 27 Poolmans Road, Windsor – Garage conversion single storey side/rear extension to existing garage
Letter sent seeking condition to prevent separate occupation of the annex.

21/0030817 – The Willows, Maidenhead Road, Windsor – New front gable with second floor window, alterations to the existing rear gable to create a second floor balcony, alterations to the roof to create a flat roof section in the middle of the roof, 10 rooflights and alterations to fenestration
We felt that these works were not sympathetic with neighbouring properties and would ruin the building design.

21/00317 – Pippins, Hatch Lane, Windsor – Replacement and raising of the roof with a mansard roof to create a new second floor and 1 second floor rear terrace
We felt the roof to be out of keeping with vicinity and the loss of trees will affect the green corridor of Hatch Lane.

21/00414 – 1 Clewer Avenue, Windsor – Part single/part two storey side/front extension, single storey rear extension, canopy to front entrance, part hit hip to gable and two first floor rear gable windows following the demolition of existing detached garage
Plans inspected and we felt that the garage would be too near to the road for safety.


Updates to Planning Applications mentioned in previous newsletters.

Letters written after February 2021 meeting
56 Queens Road, Windsor, SL4 3BH – New front boundary treatment, new rear raised decking, alterations to the roof to include 1 rear dormer with Juliet balcony, new rear pergola, new outbuilding and alterations to fenestration (PA 20/03496)
Letter written objecting to the large square box roof extension in the conservation area.

Boots,17-18 Peascod Street, Windsor, SL4 1DU – Part demolition of building with retention of reduced retail store footprint and redevelopment of the demolished section of building for new build hotel(PA 20/03514/FULL)
Letter written, requesting that the front of the building is reconsidered to create a front fascia more in keeping with the Conservation area, concern about the bulk and height of the building which will affect the amenity and light of the block of flats next-door, the difficulties caused by the increased traffic congestion and parking space.

Garage Block to the rear and side of 191, Maidenhead Road, Windsor SL4 5JN – Construction of 1 flat with undercroft to provide parking and provision of existing garage for proposed flat following demolition of garages 10-15 (PA 21/00089)
Letter written due to over development of a very small plot, overlooking other properties and traffic issues.

Letters written after January 2021 Meeting

121 Springfield Road, Windsor, SL4 3PZ – Construction of 2 semi-detached dwellings with integral garages following the demolition of the existing house (PA 20/03278)
Letter written as to the design of the internal long corridor not suitable for disabled occupants or young families with buggies etc. Also requesting a condition to ensure garages are kept as one of the required parking spaces.

121 Springfield Road, Windsor, SL4 3PZ – Construction of 3 dwellings following the demolition of the existing house (PA 20/03264)
Letter written to request refusal as a terrace is an over development of the plot and is out of keeping with the rest of the properties on the road.

94 Dedworth Road, Windsor. SL4 5AY – Details required by condition 4 (refuse) 5 (cycle parking) 6 (landscaping screen) of planning permission 17/00660 for extension to existing apartment No.94A and creation of two additional two-bedroom apartments (PA 20/03330)
Letter sent requesting landscaping at front and cycle storage for the properties.
Permitted without our requested condition

The Ridings, St Leonard’s Hill, Windsor, SL4 4AT – Part single, part two storey, part first floor side extension two storey rear extension, new front porch with balcony above loft conversion and new front boundary treatment with automatic vehicular entrance and exit gates (PA 20/03310)
Letter sent regarding the potential damage to the trees and tree root areas which was highlighted in the previous application.

Duke of York, 198 St. Leonard’s Road, Windsor, SL4 3DL – Mixed use redevelopment comprising a convenience store (Use Class E) and 5 residential flats above (Use Class C3) with associated access, refuse and cycle storage, servicing, parking and landscaping (PA 20/03262)
Letter sent due to traffic issues entering and leaving the site, position of the loading bay on St. Leonard’s Road, the bland frontage of the building and insufficient landscaping on the site.

Pure Spa, 2 St Leonard’s Road, Windsor, SL4 3BW – Consent for signage and repainting of window frames and doors to the exterior of the building (PA 20/03404)
Letter sent asking for more information regarding the shade of colours proposed as they appear to be out of keeping in the conservation area.

151-153 Clarence Road, SL4 5AP – Variation of materials to existing material schedule under 19/03509/REM for the reserved matters application (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) (PA 20/03283)
Letter sent regarding the proposed black slate cladding to the front of the building as being out of keeping with the area.

53 Alma Road, Windsor, SL4 3HH – Part single/part two storey rear extension with 1 Juliet balcony, 1 vent to roof of existing single storey rear extension, 1 new roof light to north elevation and new steps to rear following demolition of existing elements (PA 20/03211)
Letter sent regarding the first floor balcony, proposed style of windows being out of keeping with the NDHA property.

Letters written after December 2020 Meeting
40 Elm Road, Windsor SL4 3ND – Detached outbuilding ancillary to main dwelling. (PA 20/02947)
Letter written to request condition to prevent separate occupation of the annex.
Permitted without our requested condition

Thames Hospicecare, Pine Lodge, Hatch Lane, Windsor – Provision of housing development 2nd Application (PA 20/02976) + (PA 20/60091 Appeal).
These plans were discussed and other views taken into account. It was agreed to write accepting the changes which had been made since the first application and to write regarding the appeal advising that a much improved scheme had been submitted.
Appeal denied. Application permitted subject to legal condition


In March Alan Clare was back to give us another fascinating talk, this time on The Berlin Wall and the East German Border. Recalling the situation in 1945 at the end of the Second World War, he explained to us why the Russians, and their East German surrogates, built a fence and minefield from the Baltic to Czechoslovakia (as it then was) and then a wall surrounding West Berlin. Hatred played a large part in those events and Alan illustrated how it all came about and then was dismantled almost overnight. He showed us pictures of the awful wire fences, which were topped with razors to cut those who tried to climb over, the double wall with ‘death row’ in between and the many watch towers. Happily, we also saw pictures of the wall being taken down and the celebrations this caused.

Our last talk of this season was given by Janet Fevrier, the General Manager of The Abbeyfield Society Maidenhead, who spoke about the Abbeyfield organisation. The Society began nationally over 60 years ago with the ethos of providing an environment where lonely elderly people could live independently whilst benefitting from companionship. She also spoke about Sir Nicholas Winton’s involvement with the Maidenhead Society and after whom the Abbeyfield Homes of Nicholas House in Maidenhead and Winton House in Dedworth Road, Windsor are named. This was a fascinating talk which gave us more insight into this organisation and how it has evolved over the years to meet changing needs.

Our next season begins on Wednesday 1st September 2021 and will start with a talk by Hugo Vickers, the subject to be advised nearer the date. As details regarding hall availability, hiring restrictions and sanitisation requirements are still uncertain this first talk of the season will be on Zoom, but we hope to be able to return to holding “in person” meetings during the Autumn if it is practical to do so.


Talk by James Holland about his book on the Invasion of Sicily in 1943.

This Zoom talk in March was the first joint venture of the Windsor & Eton Society with Chorleywood Bookshop. Unfortunately there were problems for a number of members in accessing the talk on the evening but this was subsequently resolved by allowing members access to a recording. James Holland is one of the leading current writers about the Second World War and his interesting and well-illustrated talk gave insight into the planning and execution of this important invasion which is less well-known than D Day. He was also able to answer quite detailed questions on military hardware for the more technically minded participants.

Date for your diary – Thursday 7th October 2021 – 7pm

The Anglo-Saxons – A History of the Beginnings of England – by Marc Morris

Marc Morris, a historian who specialises in the Middle Ages, will speak on his new book about the Anglo Saxons and their contribution to laying the foundations of England. He has published books on the Norman Conquest, King John and Edward I as well as presenting the TV series Castle and contributing to other history programmes on radio and TV. 7


As members were notified in the February newsletter our scheduled visits for 2021 were postponed because of the uncertain times. They will be rebooked as soon as the venues have their 2022 diaries in place and we anticipate that the visits will be as follows:

April 2022 – Rye and Great Dixter House & Garden, East Sussex

June 2022 – Leeds Castle, Kent`‘`


The Society’s membership now stands at 296, a decrease of 1 since the last newsletter. The committee would like to welcome 2 new members who joined the Society since the last newsletter.

Many members receive their newsletter by email and the Society would like this number to increase thus saving the Society a considerable amount of expense. Please let the Membership Secretary know if you are happy to do this. Please also remember to advise the Membership Secretary if your email address has changed so that our records remain up to date. The Annual Report is still sent to members by post.


We are looking for a new Membership Secretary to take over from Sue Wells who has done a sterling job for 10 years but is retiring in the autumn. This role is important in helping new members to feel welcomed by the Society and the main responsibilities are:

 to receive and process applications for membership

 to keep the database of members updated and secure

 to check that annual subscriptions have been paid

 to provide the Treasurer with the data to claim Gift Aid from HMRC

 to prepare stamped addressed envelopes for the newsletters that are still sent by post

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Margaret Lenton  or Sue Wells.


Windsor Town Forum – The next 2 meetings are scheduled for Wednesday 26th May and Tuesday 13th July, both at 6.15pm The May meeting is scheduled as a virtual meeting on-line and the venue of the July meeting is yet to be confirmed so please check the RBWM website nearer the dates for confirmation. Minutes of previous meetings, the Agenda and dates of future meetings when available, can be accessed through the RBWM website http://www.rbwm.gov.uk

River Thames Historical Cruise – Thursday 2nd September 2021 – At the beginning of the year we were asked by one of our speakers, Richard Poad, if we would publicise this cruise which is being organised by Maidenhead Heritage Centre. The return cruise goes from Maidenhead to Temple Lock with live commentary en route. We were advised that once the Centre is open again more information will be available via the website www.maidenheadheritage.org.uk  or by calling 01628 780555


How well do you know our local heritage sites? Can you identify the location of these features? The answers are at the bottom of the page. (All photos courtesy of Anne Taylor)



















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Answers to picture quiz
1)Statue of Prince Albert, on wall of Royal Albert House, Sheet St. 2) Prince Christian Victor Monument, Windsor Castle Wall near Theatre Royal 3) On Windsor Guildhall 4) Bust of Edward VII over Boots Passage in Thames Street 5) Corner of High Street near Park Street 6) At front of King Edward VII Hospital 7) The Old Court, St. Leonard’s Road 8) Windows over M&S, Peascod St. 9) King George V Memorial Fountain, junction of Thames Street and Datchet Rd