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NEWSLETTER No 105 May 2024

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I am introducing this newsletter on behalf of our Chair, Margaret Lenton, who, as I write this, has just returned home from a stay in hospital after a sudden illness. Fortunately Margaret is making a good recovery and hopefully after further treatment will be rapidly  back in action as our Chair. Phil Lenton, her son, has been keeping us updated and I have been able to speak to Margaret after her return home. She sounds really good and sends all our members her regards. Many members have been aware of Margaret’s illness and have wished her a speedy recover. I am sure, on behalf of all our members, you would want me to pass on our best wishes to Margaret, John and Phil

Since our last Newsletter the Heritage and Environment Committee has, as always, been doing excellent work scrutinising Planning Applications. We will miss Susie Garnier who has resigned as a member of this group and we thank her for her excellent input over many years. Thank you to Theresa Haggart for her indefatigable work in chairing this team and for the great work expertise and influence they have.

Alison Logan has been leading parties of gardening members and supporters to refurbish the Memorial Gardens and the Charles Knight Grave area on Bachelors Acre in Windsor. The Memorial Garden has now been replanted by The Society in an important very visible area of central Windsor which had been sadly neglected by RBWM. We, as a Society, are happy to support and work with the Royal Borough teams in our role of championing our local heritage. Thank you and well done to Alison for her leadership with these projects. More are planned.

In March we held a very successful Annual Dinner in The Castle Hotel. Our Guests of Honour were The Mayor and Mayoress Cllr Neil and Mrs. Knowles and our speaker Lt. Col. John Moody, one of the Military Knights of Windsor, who spoke about the anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

The outing to the Watts Gallery in March was much enjoyed by those who participated and a visit to Beaulieu is planned for June – there are places available so please send the attached form to Anne Taylor if you would like to go. We are hugely grateful to Anne for organising these but we do need someone to take over the task from next year.

The Society’s season of talks has also been popular and extremely interesting. Well done to Philippa Johnson for all the organisation involved with putting on these events.  Next season’s programme is already well in hand.

As I write this we are trying to plan our Annual Music Event which I am hoping will be on a summer evening at Cumberland Lodge . Watch out for further information about this.

Best Wishes to you all and thank you for your support as members.


The Society’s Annual Dinner, our first since 2020, took place on Friday 8th March at the Castle Hotel. After socialising over a pre-dinner drink some 50 members and guests enjoyed a delicious 3 course meal, which was followed by a talk on the D-Day landings given by John Moody, one of the Military Knights of Windsor. The talk gave members an opportunity to reflect on the huge undertaking of planning and executing Operation Overlord, and the fine line that existed between success and failure. We were reminded of the huge loss of life and how a wartime enterprise with a successful outcome still has its areas of failure.


Report on the outing to Watts Gallery

On 26th March a small group of 21 members visited the Watts Gallery and Artists’ Village at Compton near Guildford. We had our own room for coffee on arrival and a light lunch later. The staff were very welcoming and informative. Members who had been before were delighted to revisit this lovely place. Those for whom this was a first visit were amazed at the variety of things to see there, including the very unusual chapel. As we returned home in pouring rain we all agreed that it had been a most enjoyable and interesting day out.

Tuesday 11th June 2024 – Beaulieu, Hampshire 

There is so much to do and see at Beaulieu – the old palace ruins, Palace House with a display of embroidery, lovely grounds bordering the River Beaulieu, the National Motor Museum and more. Follow this link to see more https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/days-out-beaulieu/

The application form for this trip was sent out to members for whom we have an email address a few weeks ago. So far take up has been very slow and unless there are more people applying soon the viability of the visit will have to be considered. I very much hope it will go ahead as it should be a good day out so please let me have your application form as soon as possible. The coach can accommodate rollators and mobility scooters should you feel that you need aid for walking any distance. My husband has taken both on a couple of the trips.

Sadly, nobody has volunteered to take any responsibility for organising these outings in the future. Together with the much lower interest than there was before Covid, The Society will have to consider continuing to offer three trips per year

For these reasons, at the moment, an Autumn trip has not been arranged and next year’s are under consideration.

In March Dr Susan Kay Williams gave us a most interesting talk about the history of The Royal School of Needlework from the very beginning to the present day. We heard that various members of the Royal Family, from Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter Princess Helena, a founder member, through to Queen Camilla have encouraged and supported their work. We were shown photos of some of the historic pieces they created and the people who worked on them. We saw detailed photographs of the coronation robes and heard of the many hours and skill to embroider them. For a short period of time this talk was available to members as a recording for the benefit of those who were not able to watch the live Zoom – or for those who wished to listen again.

Our final talk of the season in April was “A night to remember – Highlands & Islands Air Ambulance”. Alan Clare told us of some of his experiences as an Air Traffic Controller when he was based at Machrihanish, a remote airbase north of the Mull of Kintyre. The overland journey to Glasgow took hours over a twisting road, so for emergencies a plane was used. The talk was about one particular night when several emergencies kept coming in one after the other. Near the end of the night a pregnant woman needing urgent hospital care had to be flown to Glasgow. The weather had closed in, but Alan and the pilot, each with complete trust in the other, managed to land the plane on the third attempt, take  the woman on board, and take off again. (These were the days before instrument landing.)

Our next season of talks will commence in September and details will be available in due course.


The sun shone on the gardening group again on Saturday 13th April when we got together to tackle two tasks in Bachelors Acre. Half the group replanted  the large flower bed which is part of the WW1 Remembrance Garden, while the other half waged war on weeds round the Charles Knight grave. The Remembrance Garden has been on our radar for a long time and it is great to see it looking cared for again. We have put in shrubs which we hope will grow to fill the space and give interest all year round. At the end of the day Chris Aitken sent this picture to the press which was picked up by the Windsor Observer, giving The Society some welcome publicity. Planting a new area means that we have to commit to maintaining it, and maintaining the four areas we have now planted is what we will be concentrating on for the rest of the season. Further working party dates will be announced soon.


The Heritage and Environment Committee continue to note and respond to matters that are important in maintaining the historic buildings in the Conservation Areas of the town. We also try to ensure that all planning applications are scrutinised and commented on as and when necessary.

The Committee continues to meet once a month to discuss the planning applications and related policy developments. We have been very fortunate to have members who have a vast knowledge of planning rules, laws, and policies, however if you feel you can contribute to protecting the historical aspects of Windsor and Eton as well as shaping its future, please contact me to find out more about how we work and about possibly joining the Committee. Specific expertise is not as essential as a keen interest in safeguarding our historic towns and new members would be supported into the role.

In planning applications that involve the felling of a tree the committee continue to write a standard letter requesting a replacement tree is planted to ensure the renewal and improvement of the biodiversity and greenery of the towns. It is unfortunate that some homeowners remove trees, hedges etc that they consider in the way of a development or extension before submitting a planning application.


Letters written after the June 2024 Meeting

24/01084/FULL 1no. detached two bedroom dwelling with associated parking and new pedestrian access to the rear, new drop kerb and cycle store to the existing property following the demolition of the single storey elements and detached garage.   Land At 11 And 11 Clifton Rise Windsor.
Permission already given for a terrace of 3 houses.  This application detrimental to area, poor design, access to rear garden via footpath and car parking issues envisaged. 

24/01235/FULL  Part single, part two storey front/side/rear extension, 1no. single storey detached outbuilding and alterations to external finish. 

59 Princess Avenue Windsor SL4 3LU. Plans inspected and it was agreed to send separate dwelling letter. 

 24/01231/LBC  Consent for internal alterations to the first and second floor to facilitate a change of use from office to residential to create 4no. flats. 11 High Street Windsor.
Permission for 2 flats already given.  The plans were inspected and cycle store noted but there was no provision for refuse which because of the rat problems in this area of Windsor needs addressing. 

24/01170/FULL Single storey front/side extension and mono pitched roof. 

17 Ellison Close Windsor SL4 4BZThe plans were inspected and it was thought this fill-in would change to nature of the whole estate and other owners may do likewise. 

 Letters written after the May 2024 Meeting

24/00964/FULL | Part single part two storey side extension. | 1 Clewer Avenue Windsor SL4 3QB.  The plans were inspected and it was agreed to send a letter of objection – overdevelopment and parking issues. 

24/00924/FULL | 1no. dwelling, creation of a first floor to the existing dwelling, 1no. chimney and alterations to fenestration following demolition of the existing elements. | 1 Surly Hall Walk Windsor SL4 5LY.   AL advised that this area was considered to be a garden city complex and the greenery needs to stay.  Plans were inspected and it was agreed to send a letter of objection.    

24/00880/FULL Single storey detached outbuilding ancillary to the main dwelling (part retrospective). 3 Butlers Close Windsor SL4 5RD.  Plans inspected and it was agreed to send separate dwelling letter.

24/00695/LBC  Consent for alterations to the shopfront and signage, including 1x internally illuminated fascia sign and 1x internally illuminated projecting sign. Thy Spa 17 High Street Windsor SL4 1LD – It was considered that there was too much illumination – 

Letters written after the April 2024 Meeting

24/00729/FULL – 19 Bolton Avenue Windsor SL4 3JE.  Replacement garage.  The plans were inspected and we had no objections so long as the trees were protected and AL agreed to draft letter seeking Tree Officer’s views be considered.   

 24/00640/FULL – Land Adjacent To 15 Franklyn Crescent Windsor.  1no. detached three bedroom dwelling with widening of the existing drop kerb at No.15 Franklyn Crescent to form a shared access.     The plans were inspected and it was agreed to object again to the building on open space which has not been addressed.

24/00584 FULLHalifax 26 Peascod Street Windsor SL4 1DU.  New shopfront with replacement handrails, ramp and new signage.  The plans were inspected and AL advised that it does not comply with the Zone 2 Policy and agreed to write objecting.

24/00809/TPO – Annexe Green Acre, 15 Dower Park Windsor SL4 4BQ.  T1 – Douglas Fir tree fell (007/1959/TPO)
Send a replacement tree letter.
PERMITTED with clause to plant a replacement

24/00772/TPO – St Leonards Mead St Leonards Hill Windsor SL4 4AL.   Wellington tree – fell (005/1960/TPO).  It was agreed to leave to Tree Officer and hoped that a replacement tree will be planted Permitted with clause to plant a replacement

 Letters written after the March 2024 Meeting

24/00143/FULL Part single, part two storey wrap around extension (front/side/rear), raising of the ridge, loft conversion, alterations to the external finish and fenestration, new rear patio and a detached outbuilding following the demolition of the existing detached outbuilding. 4 Lockets Close Windsor SL4 5QT This very large extension will leave little amenity space and may overlook neighbours. Taken together with the proposed outbuilding, it constitutes over development. (In draft format at present)

24/00446/FULL Detached annex ancillary to main dwelling following demolition of existing outbuilding.  22 Manor Road Windsor SL4 5LP

Send a letter seeking a condition that the annex should not be used separately from the main dwelling. (In draft format at present)

Letters written after the February 2024 Meeting

24/00207/FULL | Detached outbuilding ancillary to the main house. | The Dolphins St Leonards Hill Windsor SL4 4AH (This is for a two-storey building with a gym and games room with bar and a one bedroom studio apartment upstairs with separate access. Thus possibly two lettable dwellings.)

24/00208/TPO | T4 and T5 – Oak trees – fell (001/1970/TPO). | 2 Duncannon Crescent Windsor SL4 4YP Letter sent asking that if the trees if they are permitted to be felled for trees to be planted to replace them. 

Letters written after the January 2024 Meeting

23/02993/FULL – Diversion of a public footpath (Retrospective).  Street Record Footpath From Alma Road To Vansittart Road South of Clarence Medical Centre Windsor.  REFUSED

Letters written after the October 2023 Meeting

23/02301/FULL 39 Clifton Rise Windsor SL4 5SX  3no. front rooflights, raising of the ridge and eaves, 1no. rear dormer and alterations to the external finish and fenestration.   

 23/02107/FULL 13 Aston Mead Windsor SL4 5PP New front porch, single storey side extension, single storey rear infill extension, single storey rear/side extension and alterations to fenestration.  This proposal is out of keeping with the design of the main bungalow and in front of the building line.
Pending – New plans have been submitted that remove the part of the building that would be in front of the building line.     NOW WITHDRAWN but new application has been submitted.

23/02005/FULL – 51 West Crescent Windsor SL4 5LE   Replacement outbuilding to be used for short term lets.   Pending – Call into Panel has been withdrawn – I withdraw my call-in on the understanding there will be a condition attached to the approval ensuring the new build cannot be let out.
PERMITTED 16TH APRIL with the condition that cannot be rented out.

Letters written after the 7th August 2023 Meeting    
23/01805/LBC+ 23/01804/Full – 1423 China Kitchen 4 Church Lane Windsor SL4 1PA. Consent to replace existing shop front windows with sliding sash windows, insertion of side window, raising of rear wall and changing of pitched roof to flat roof to existing rear extension and repairs to rear elevation.   

23/01817/FULL – Land adjacent to 4 Block D Cavalry Crescent, Windsor. 2no. three bedroom dwellings with associated parking and landscaping following the demolition of the existing garage block.   

Letters written after the 5th June 2023 Meeting

23/01090 Full Proposal: Redevelopment of the site including the demolition of existing buildings, erection of x 413 dwellings (all affordable housing Use Class C3), community space (Use Class F2), cycle hub (Use Class F2), formation of new access from Smiths Lane, comprehensive hard and soft landscaping, car parking; drainage and flooding mitigation works, and associated infrastructure. Location: Grasmere Broadleys Hale And Winwood And Land At Sawyers Close Windsor

Letters written after the 3rd April 2023 Meeting

23/00645/FULL – 8 College Crescent SL4 3PG.Part single, part two storey front/side extension, two storey rear extension, solar panels, raising of the ridge, 1no rear dormer and alterations to fenestration. 
These plans were inspected and it was thought the height was out of keeping and the design incongruous. REFUSED but went to APPEAL but this has been DISMISSED

23/00768/LBC – St. Andrew Yard, 48 High Street, Eton SL4 6BL – Consent for repairs to roof of main building.
Concerns raised over the change of name from The Cockpit to St Andrews Yard and it was agreed to advise RBWM of this.  The Society is happy to see the works being carried out properly and hopes that they continue.

Letters written after the 7th November 2022 Meeting

22/02893/FULL Windsor Yards re-development
Two members of the HEC met with the developers following the letter regarding the two storey extension on top of the Travelodge Hotel. New plans were submitted on 6th March and HEC are reviewing these plans.  


We’ve continue to receive new applications for membership and are happy to welcome 5 new members to The Society in recent weeks  

We are always happy to have visitors to our talks at the Old Court, although we are pausing now until September. Frequently, these visitors have subsequently joined which has helped towards keeping up a fresh intake of new members. Even better news, most people are Gift Aiding their membership fee which is of benefit to The Society.

Thank you to those who have set up a Standing Order with your bank for renewal on 1st October. This greatly helps my admin, and means I don’t have to chase you for money! If you need an application form for Standing Orders, please e-mail me at this address:



Windsor Forum (formerly Windsor Town Forum) – The next 2 meetings are scheduled for Tuesday 23rd July and Wednesday 18th September both at 6.30pm in the Grey Room, York House, Sheet Street, Windsor. Minutes of previous meetings, the Agenda and dates of future meetings when available, can be accessed through the RBWM website http://www.rbwm.gov.uk

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