Windsor And Eton Society 022

Heritage And Environment – Introduction

The Heritage and Environment Committee meets on the 1st Monday of each month to consider:

  • Planning applications made in the preceding month
  • Preservation and heritage issues affecting Windsor and Eton
  • The Neighbourhood Plan
  • Other matters connected with, or ancillary to, the Heritage Agenda

Members of the public are welcome to contact us on any of the above issues. Also, developers have found it useful to contact us before submitting a planning application, to gather comments on their proposals.  We would encourage this.


Heritage And Environment Committee

  • Chris Aitken
  • Jane Carter
  • David Eglise
  • Susie Garnier
  • Theresa Haggart (Chair of H&E Committee)
  • Margaret Lenton
  • Alison Logan
  • Andrew Melville
  • Richard Parsons
  • Jane Simpson
  • Anne Taylor