Windsor And Eton Society 022

Heritage And Environment – Introduction

The Heritage and Environment Committee meets on the 1st Monday of each month to consider:

  • Planning applications made in the preceding month
  • Preservation and heritage issues affecting Windsor and Eton
  • The Neighbourhood Plan
  • Other matters connected with, or ancillary to, the Heritage Agenda

Members of the public are welcome to contact us on any of the above issues. Also, developers have found it useful to contact us before submitting a planning application, to gather comments on their proposals.  We would encourage this.


Report November 2022

Platinum Jubilee Facelift. The Platinum Jubilee committee continue to meet to complete the work that has been undertaken to mark this Platinum Jubilee Year. The judging of the shop windows has been completed, and Certificates have been awarded. The judging of the flower displays and building works is ongoing. There has been more work undertaken on the Heritage Garden where the new hard standing and Platinum Jubilee bench have been installed. More planting is proposed in November around the bench area.

Quarterly Meetings with the Borough to be reinstated These meetings were stopped due to the pandemic and following the meeting in July with Cllr Johnson and Cllr Rayner these meetings are finally going to be reinstated, beginning in November. The HEC have a long list of items that need discussing at the meeting including, planning, heritage and conservation in the town, Windsor Yards, The Guildhall and The Vision for Windsor

Tall Buildings Consultation Members of the HEC met and went through the relevant documents which identified inconsistencies and issues in the SPD Consultation Draft. They formulated a letter clearly labelling the paragraphs of concern and this was then submitted to RBWM. We hope that the final document will be corrected appropriately.

Vision for Windsor Workshop Margaret Lenton and Theresa Haggart were invited to the 2-day Workshops for this project. This is an important project that will have a direct impact on the development of the centre of Windsor into the future. Discussions were based on how to develop Alexandra Gardens car park, not the park itself. It could also include the coach park and nearby areas. We stressed the need to conserve the heritage of the town and how this is important to all who live and work in Windsor.

No plans were agreed at the event and residents have been asked to participate in the process. Proposals should be announced in the New Year well before any decisions are made.

Heritage And Environment Committee

  • Chris Aitken
  • Jane Carter
  • Susie Garnier
  • Theresa Haggart (Chair of H&E Committee)
  • Margaret Lenton
  • Alison Logan
  • Richard Parsons
  • Jane Simpson
  • Peter Symonds
  • Anne Taylor