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March 2024

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Two members of the HEC committee have stepped down since the last Trustees’ Meeting.

These members are Peter Symonds, who has found his work for Windsor Castle has involved longer days and more evening meetings and thus he felt he was unable to attend our meetings. The second person is Susie Garnier who wrote – ‘I find that I have reduced time as I have a few projects on which I wish to concentrate more of my time.’

Both will be missed for the work they have contributed to and Susie especially for her vast knowledge of the Heritage and Enforcement policies. We wish them both well in their future endeavours.

Quarterly Meeting with RBWM Officers.
The HEC has yet to receive a date for the next meeting despite continually asking for a date.  

The Public Realm Improvements in Castle Hill and St Alban’s Street the work is largely now complete on the Castle Hill partial pedestrianized with a wider pavement on the southern (shops) side of the road, as well as a significant reduction in vehicle movements where this is limited to castle access only during its visiting hours.

Requests for input in BBC radio and ITV programs regarding the Ferris Wheel in Alexandra Gardens. The WES has been approached by Radio Berkshire and then by ITV over the installation of a Ferris Wheel in Alexandra Gardens that the HEC had written an objection to. It was decided that we would not get involved in this as the outcome of the programs appeared to be already decided. We still do not like the use of the gardens for the length of time that will be in situ for but the Planning Application was passed by the Councillors on the panel. The planning permission notice states: The proposal does not constitute a form of development that the Local Planning Authority would normally permit. However, in view of the particular circumstances of this application temporary planning permission is granted.

The H&E committee have written seven letters in response to planning applications since the last Executive Committee meeting. We have also been contacted by members of the public regarding the proposed Telecoms mast in Springfield Road from a pre-application discussion but which has now been submitted as a full planning application which we will now study in greater detail. The second one was for a development on Goswell Hill. This one was an outline planning application and the committee decided that it seemed to be a good use of the space but would look in greater detail when it became a full planning application with full detailed drawings.


Letters written after the March 2024 Meeting

24/00143/FULL Part single, part two storey wrap around extension (front/side/rear), raising of the ridge, loft conversion, alterations to the external finish and fenestration, new rear patio and a detached outbuilding following the demolition of the existing detached outbuilding. 4 Lockets Close Windsor SL4 5QT This very large extension will leave little amenity space and may overlook neighbours. Taken together with the proposed outbuilding, it constitutes over development. (In draft format at present)


24/00446/FULL Detached annex ancillary to main dwelling following demolition of existing outbuilding.  22 Manor Road Windsor SL4 5LP.

Send a letter seeking a condition that the annex should not be used separately from the main dwelling. (In draft format at present)


Letters written after the February 2024 Meeting

24/00207/FULL | Detached outbuilding ancillary to the main house. | The Dolphins St Leonards Hill Windsor SL4 4AH (This is for a two-storey building with a gym and games room with bar and a one bedroom studio apartment upstairs with separate access. Thus possibly two lettable dwellings.) Pending

24/00208/TPO | T4 and T5 – Oak trees – fell (001/1970/TPO). | 2 Duncannon Crescent Windsor SL4 4YP Letter sent asking that if the trees if they are permitted to be felled for trees to be planted to replace them.  Pending

Letters written after the January 2024 Meeting

23/02993/FULL – Diversion of a public footpath (Retrospective).  Street Record Footpath From Alma Road To Vansittart Road South of Clarence Medical Centre Windsor.  Pending

23/02941/TPO – (T1) Oak – Reduce whole crown overall by 5-6m (as shown). (T2) Oak – Fell. (T3) Oak – Reduce overextended branches overhanging the garden by 3-4m (as shown). (T4) Oak – Reduce whole crown overall by 5-6m (as shown). (005/1960/TPO)  Carrisbrooke St Leonards Hill Windsor SL4 4AL.  Part Approvedpart Refused 26th January 2024 A replacement tree must be planted to replace the felled oak.

Letters written after the December 2023 Meeting

23/02943/TPO – 1 Dower Park Windsor SL4 4BQ – T5 and T6 – White Poplar – fell (004/1962/TPO).  Refused 6th February 2024

Letters written after the November 2023 Meeting

PA 23/02398/FULL – 5 Bell View Close Windsor SL4 4EX    Relocation of front entrance door, single storey side/rear extension, single storey side extension, loft conversion, 1no. side dormer, single storey rear extension and conversion of existing garage to annex ancillary to the main dwelling, 1no. detached outbuilding, new steps, 2no. terraces and alterations to fenestration following demolition of existing elements.

These plans were inspected and it was considered that the dormer was too prominent and perhaps a more suitable material could be used.  Permitted 22nd December 2023 Condition – The annex hereby permitted shall not be occupied at any time other than for purposes ancillary to the residential use of the dwelling

PA 23/02501/FULL  – 16 Cawcott Drive Windsor SL4 5PU Part single part two storey wrap around extension (front/side/rear), 1no. detached outbuilding ancillary to main dwelling and alterations to fenestration following demolition of existing elements.  This extension would leave little amenity space and there appeared to be insufficient parking provision.  Withdrawn 15th November 2023

PA 23/02251/PIP (Permission in Principle) –  Dedworth Clinic 97A Smiths Lane Windsor SL4 5PE  Demolition and redevelopment of Dedworth Clinic , to provide up to 3no. residential dwellings (use class C3).  There was no indication that alternative community uses had been explored and it was thought that the 3 dwellings were over-development and the garden space was inadequate.  There would also be damage to tree roots.   Permitted 8th December 2023

Letters written after the October 2023 Meeting

23/02104/FULL Alexandra Gardens Barry Avenue Windsor SL4 5JA  Observation Wheel and Refreshment Unit to be sited from March 15th 2024 to September 9th 2024. Open to the public from March 22nd 2024 to September 2nd 2024   Permitted at panel Reason for Condition 1 –The proposal does not constitute a form of development that the Local Planning Authority would normally permit. However, in view of the particular circumstances of this application temporary planning permission is granted.

23/02301/FULL 39 Clifton Rise Windsor SL4 5SX  3no. front rooflights, raising of the ridge and eaves, 1no. rear dormer and alterations to the external finish and fenestration.    Pending

23/02285/LBC 6 Meryton House Longbourne Windsor SL4 3TW.   Consent to install 2no. ducting outlet and fit external wall caps to exterior of bathroom and ensuite bathroom wall Refused 20th November 2023

 23/02107/FULL 13 Aston Mead Windsor SL4 5PP New front porch, single storey side extension, single storey rear infill extension, single storey rear/side extension and alterations to fenestration.  This proposal is out of keeping with the design of the main bungalow and in front of the building line.    Pending – New plans have been submitted that remove the part of the building that would be in front of the building line.

23/02005/FULL – 51 West Crescent Windsor SL4 5LE   Replacement outbuilding to be used for short term lets.   Pending – Call into Panel has been withdrawn – I withdraw my call-in on the understanding there will be a condition attached to the approval ensuring the new build cannot be let out.

23/02137 – 17 Longbourne Avenue Windsor Felling of oak trees.  Permitted 22nd January 2024 with the Condition that 2 new trees are planted.

Letters written after the 7th August 2023 Meeting                                  

23/01805/LBC+ 23/01804/Full – 1423 China Kitchen 4 Church Lane Windsor SL4 1PA. Consent to replace existing shop front windows with sliding sash windows, insertion of side window, raising of rear wall and changing of pitched roof to flat roof to existing rear extension and repairs to rear elevation.     Pending

23/01817/FULL – Land adjacent to 4 Block D Cavalry Crescent, Windsor. 2no. three bedroom dwellings with associated parking and landscaping following the demolition of the existing garage block.                 Pending

Letters written after the 5th June 2023 Meeting

23/01090 Full Proposal: Redevelopment of the site including the demolition of existing buildings, erection of x 413 dwellings (all affordable housing Use Class C3), community space (Use Class F2), cycle hub (Use Class F2), formation of new access from Smiths Lane, comprehensive hard and soft landscaping, car parking; drainage and flooding mitigation works, and associated infrastructure. Location: Grasmere Broadleys Hale And Winwood And Land At Sawyers Close Windsor    Pending

 Letters written after the 3rd April 2023 Meeting

23/00645/FULL – 8 College Crescent SL4 3PG.

Part single, part two storey front/side extension, two storey rear extension, solar panels, raising of the ridge, 1no rear dormer and alterations to fenestration. These plans were inspected and it was thought the height was out of keeping and the design incongruous.     Pending

23/00768/LBC – St. Andrew Yard, 48 High Street, Eton SL4 6BL – Consent for repairs to roof of main building.

Concerns raised over the change of name from The Cockpit to St Andrews Yard and it was agreed to advise RBWM of this.  The Society is happy to see the works being carried out properly and hopes that they continue.   There is now a History log for this application on the website.

Letters written after the 7th November 2022 Meeting

22/02893/FULL Windsor Yards re-development

Two members of the HEC met with the developers following the letter regarding the two storey extension on top of the Travelodge Hotel. New plans were submitted on 6th March and HEC are reviewing these plans.     PENDING