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King Charles III

The Windsor and Eton Society congratulate King Charles and Queen Camilla on their coronation.  
The Society read with pleasure that the King was becoming the Ranger of the Great Park, to which role he has brought a devotion to promoting environmental issues over many years, starting at a time when it was not exactly fashionable.
The Society also notes that the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children are resident in Windsor.  The Society is delighted that the connections between the Royal Family and Windsor, which date back centuries, continue.
We are now quite used to singing God Save the King. May his reign be long, with the good wishes of Windsor and Eton residents.

The Annual General Meeting of The Windsor and Eton Society.

Our Annual General Meeting will be at 7pm on Monday 23rd October 2023
The venue is The Old Court Arts Centre (formerly know as The Old Fire Station),
St Leonard’s Road, Windsor.
The Agenda will be found on the back page of the Annual Report
which will be emailed to members early October.


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Welcome to The Windsor and Eton Society website.

We regard this as an important ‘front window’ showcasing our activities for members and potential new members.

The Society aims to promote and protect the heritage of Windsor and Eton. We do this by:

  • Holding monthly talks on a variety of subjects. Please look at what is on offer and about how to access or attend.
  • Monthly meetings are held of our Heritage Committee which considers Planning Applications and issues such as the state of our historic Guildhall, the Cockpit in Eton and the future of the Museum. A great achievement has been the compiling of a list of Community Assets in Windsor and Eton, which is being added to.  This list with photographs is available on our website.
  • Amongst our activities we hold an annual dinner, a music evening and outings in the Summer.
  • We intend to hold an annual lecture given by significant figure.

Please look at this website and, if you are someone who is interested and concerned about the heritage and future of Windsor and Eton, please consider joining.  Again, further details and an application form appear on this website.

Margaret Lenton
(Chairman of The Windsor and Eton Society)

Our Society was founded in 1946 and aims to stimulate public interest in the area.

It is dedicated to promoting high standards of planning and architecture in Windsor and Eton and to protecting and improving features of historic and public interest.

We also have a programme of talks and outings.